The 25-year-old actress, who played Pussycat in Quentino Tarantino’s film, was initially turned down for a different part.

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23 thoughts on “Margaret Qualley's Dad Spoke Her Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood Role Into Existence

  1. It’s so weird that they dated because she looks like the sister/daughter of Pete Davidson

  2. I liked her performance in once upon a time in Hollywood. Her interaction with brad and other character felt smooth and real. She will become a good actress one day for sure.

  3. My sister and I just watched Annie 1982. She does look an awful lot like Ann Reinking.

  4. Everyone saying she looks like timothee chalamet, its the jaw. How tf did nobody point that out

  5. Is it just me or does she really look like young dave grohl while in nirvana?

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