Marilyn footage with a Billy Joel song


21 thoughts on “Marilyn Monroe – Say Goodbye To Hollywood

  1. Marilyn Monroe – Say Goodbye To Hollywood 
    Marilyn footage with a Billy Joel song

  2. Marilyn Monroe – Say Goodbye To Hollywood 

    Marilyn footage with a Billy Joel song

  3. Wonderful combination of photos and film! I read that the subway photos had to be done at 2:00 a.m. so Marilyn wouldn't be mobbed, that she was so famous at this time in her career she could no longer use public transportation. Years ago at a 2nd-had bookshop I found a small hardcover book  called "Will Acting Spoil Marilyn Monroe?" This was from the time she had come to New York to study acting. At the end she's quoted about being asked where she was born and she said that was born "…in New York. Quite recently". I didn't buy the book but I hope this surely rare and possibly valuable book went to someone who appreciates it.

  4. And something more intense back at ya! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  5. Mwahhhhhhh

  6. How appropriate. Sad. She was a legend & a woman who was born, lived,& died in Hollywood. Say good-bye indeed.

  7. I love creeping up behind you and scaring the sh*t out of you! hahaha!:p

  8. Hahaa, ooh you crept up behind me there and made me jump, what a pleasant surprise xx
    Lol I was chilling out in my Crimbo hol last year and as you uploaded this I was at home watching your Marilyn channel ha december 2011 lol.

  9. If you still have that pic, could you send it me pleeaaassssseeeee I love it, where she is glancing down @ 4:00 no worries if you don't have it. No hurry either.
    Thankyouuu Mister xxx

  10. Hahaa December 2011 wow !!!

    Time flies when you're having fun Mister SGTG77 ;o))


  11. @2011marilynmonroe Thanks Boomshanka :)! I have one like that photo in a big frame! i tried to give the feeling of moving from one place to another! :))

  12. @broadbaby1 Thank you! 🙂 i just use the old windows movie maker i think it is 6.0. the one that came with windows vista. you can download it and use it on widows 7 as well.You just drag the footage and/or photos to the video section in the timeline. you should be able to use photos and footage together!

  13. Excellent!! Love the song choice!! How are you able to take the footage and take it in your program to edit?? I would love to know!! I make Marilyn videos but I am never able to figure out how to add footage! I just use pictures. Great work!!!

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