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37 thoughts on “"Married to Medicine's" Mariah & Dr. Heavenly Have Shade War on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. Jason: “Amber Rose was here and she said that the wrong shouldn’t be placed on the sidechick, but should be placed on the man.”

    Dr Heavenly: “Well, I think these hoes are really thirsty.” 😂🤣💀

  2. Dr Heavenly is the reason this episode was entertaining and interesting. Mariah does make up stories for the show and Heavenly calling her out per usual.

  3. 💜🧸 I just saw the pic from Rodneythavoice why Heavenly calls Damon Daddy chile… He is Zaddy okurrrrr.

  4. I think multiple relationships is mean hurtful and unchristian and its immature pple just need to grow the hell up this us America not some outdated barbaric country it's a dumb suggestion. It's not good.

  5. Contessa boring no story she can go plus shes strange and weird acting and Quad shes to mean selfish and unto herself shes not keeping it real and shes un married get Quad replaced let her be a freind.

  6. I wish they would of been honest when Jason asked who should leave the show . I think Quad should go i mean she's going threw a lot and not ready to share her reality all that much let her take a break clear her head then come back to the quad we all know . Just my opinion. Mariah is my favorite though.

  7. So Mariah said she never lied. Hmmmm so does that mean there is tea on Damien. Caz chile Twitter is whispering ☕☕☕

  8. No shade but to be honest you really wouldn’t think a doctor has time to cheat anyway because they barely get sleep. On call doctors at least.

  9. Yeah now I know this stuff is for entertainment because you can’t have me sit somewhere with someone I don’t like especially outside of getting a bag

  10. Wayment 🧐 “then nurses is thots too”??? Offended as a nurse, are some thots? Yes and so can a Dr, lawyer or Hollywood star be a thot as well!

  11. Dr. Heavenly you're the worst interviewee ever. You are all up in that corny ass studio with that weird ass manipulative bitch jason throwing shade and yet mariah kept it classy with you i woulda knocked you out if i was mariah tf

  12. The two people in the back of Dr. Heavenly are getting their lives😂! Having a ball laughing!

  13. Oh god, the whole interview was going good and they got into an argument towards the end.

  14. No! NO! No! Not ALL Men cheat. Heavenly is so full of it. Mariah liking her more and more.

  15. Heavenly is a Dog faced witch. She doesn't forgive, she excuses & tries to justifies. Her fume is like Jackie's shadow. Shadowed until the Sun removes the Shade & She can't hide!

  16. Wonder why somebody's mouth is twisted? Every person I knew who did or do drugs mouth twist when he or she speaks

  17. I Love Watch Married to Medicine Very Much!😉😎😜😚 I always Stream it on my tablet off of Xfinity Cable.😜🤤😨🤓🤑😉😁👌🏽

  18. Heavenly is definitely right. Sometimes, women spend more time degrading their men than they do encouraging & uplifting their men.

  19. They keep telling Mariah Huq that she so beautiful and pretty not one of them said anything about heavy

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