Marvel orders PENCILS DOWN for a third of its titles and the reality is setting in with the ‘creatives’ who work there. Leading to a couple of them begging Hollywood to save the comic shops. In the meantime there have been 3 confirmed permanent closures with many more to come and Diamond Comics Distributor, the industry’s lone distributor, continues to put up red flags that they might not survive this either. If and when things do open back up, what will Marvel have to sell,? Apparently Children of the Atom and the New Warriors featuring Snowflake and Safespace are still on the way with Captain Marvel. In other words, they are DOOMED!
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30 thoughts on “Marvel CANCELS Itself | Begs Hollywood to Save Comic Shops

  1. Hollywood is making movies based on old writers/artists and heros. Not this sjw crap.

  2. $1,000? But we are still stuck with shit product… I mean you can find an animated short of your own for about that much. Of course you'd have to assemble a crew off of Fiverr… but it is theoretically possible.

  3. As an intersectional feminist your not fit to teach anything. Intesectionality is a bigotry based belief system not fit to be taught to anyone. intersectionality lets people take the moral high ground while being a sexist bigot.

  4. You've got great points about the wokeness of many modern books. But shitting on Dan Slott for stating facts and pointing out how inept this administration has been at saving lives is straight up hypocritical. If you think giving this pathetic and corrupt administration the keys for another go-around is a good idea, then you're definitely not on the right side of history, my man

  5. I could watch and downvote that New Warriors video, but that would give him a view…

  6. i dont Understand Why is SJW Nonsense i shoved down our Throats just like Cardi B and Billie Eilish

  7. Damn I thought the gaming industry had utter contempt for their audience but wow Comic Books are next level.

  8. To paraphrase Kosh Naranek speaking with Commander Sinclair: "They are alone. They are . . . A dying people. We should let them pass." "Who, Marvel or DC?" "Yes . . ."

  9. All that is going to happen, is that the items from the shops will appear in china online retailers…..

  10. Lol, I wouldn't be asking Hollywood, they aren't that well off right now either

  11. 2:44 “I know we can get it down to 200K by the end of the week, folks.”

    I didn’t like that. You should never encourage people to give negative feedback. Hell, you don’t need to. It’ll happen naturally since that thing is so widely panned. Doing so makes you no better than the SJWs you’re criticizing. On top of that, now they can use that against you as “proof” that all the negative feedback is just a hate campaign by trolls and cyber-bullies and all that other rhetoric they like to deflect with. Even if it wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, that’s all it takes to give them the confirmation bias they need.

  12. There is nothing wrong with having an opinion, making a point is ok, but the story should not be your agenda. And these stories…are not good, they are not about equality, they are about painting a certain people in a 'can do no wrong' light, while generalizing people who are not like them as villains.

  13. Aff man

    Marvel has to have a class and an example of professionalism as it was at the magical time of IMAGE. In fact, even today the guys give a CLASS on how to make comics for everyone. It draws attention, sells a lot, and leaves everyone satisfied.

    Years that Marvel has not been the same success since Dark Kingdom. Even War of the Realms, which is very good, didn't even come close to Secret Invasion, or the same success that the X-mens have made. She who thinks that this example of pure LACRATION will save her from the Coronavirus crisis.

    Even now she is not so ignorant.

  14. Great stuff. Subscribed. The song tie in was great, and the 1k offer is all class

  15. Between this, DC High, the current state of entertainment and societal Rona idiocy I'm seriously debating inserting myself into a wood chipper. The Neanderthals are laughing at us from beyond the grave.

  16. she: If you don’t like my politics then don’t buy my book.
    Me not buying her shit
    she: you're not buying my book because you are racist and misogynist and blah blah blah…

    ok lady

  17. Wake up people. The reptiles are starting their invasion of the surface world. The 5g towers are used by them to spread the Coronavirus in preparation for their attack. Get your freedom of speech back and save humans. Jesus is the first of the disguised lizards like the guy in this video. Don’t let them deceive you. Don’t let the reptiles win!!!

  18. A bunch of baby-eating, rich assholes singing Imagine? Talk about tone deaf in so many ways!

  19. You racist and sexist troglodytes actually thought that people were going to continue to be mistreated by the likes of you and not respond. The world has had enough of you.

  20. People hate Adolf Hitler and his book is and will always be a best seller. You infantile anti-SJW types are not doing anything slick.

  21. My god. She is a walking talking stereotype of an SJW. Are these people self-conscious at all?

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