Brie Larson and Natalie Portman have decided it’s best for all of us if the police were defunded! Thank you Hollywood, these Marvel Stars will save us!

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24 thoughts on “Marvel Stars Brie Larson and Natalie Portman Want To Defund Police | Hollywood Hypocrisy

  1. So?? Are Captain Marvel and Lady Thor going to take up law enforcement??
    In My Opinion, defunding Police, In General, Across the Board, is Moronic at Best.

  2. "New face of the MCU" wants to get rid of police forces…speaks volume.

  3. This is brilliant. We get to see who all the communists are.
    Rich assholes that have armed security guards want to throw you to the wolves.
    These people are evil and we shouldn't be giving these communists our money, just so they can attack us.
    Hollyweird needs to burn in a fire.

  4. If these people don't want the police, fine. Best response is to blacklist them, and have it so that the police do not respond to anything involving them. They'll be begging for the police the moment the police refuse to be around.

  5. Everything is racism! The only large group of racists running around discriminating against people based on their skin color are these sjw fascists.

  6. these ladies are such great human beings that they don't give a single FUCK about a certain David Dorn

  7. When The Police are done away with,I hope that the Mob goes To Natalie's and Bree's House first and Do what the Mob does!,Steal ,Beat,Burn,Hurt,and Whatever else that I'm sure They would think of to do with Two White Women!

  8. Sure, just de-fund the people who try to protect us from crime and human scumbags.Such a brilliant plan. It's easy to spout such a nonsense from their protected villages with private security. How on earth can somebody even come up with such an idea?
    How about just putting the one murderous cop in jail after a trial, make sure that did not happen again and be done with it instead? Too much common sense, I guess, in 2020 clownsworld.

  9. May Natalie and this other dipshit actress be the first to suffer violence in the wake of defunding police. We’ll see how they feel about it then.

  10. Well I can take matters into my own hands. Since there's going to be no police around I could break into people's houses and beaten with baseball bats and nothing they can do.

  11. No cops? Sounds to me like Open Season on the rich: Hollywood, politicians, the Media, corporations, Silicon Valley etc. They're all hypocrites. These same rich pricks preach Communism but hire armies of lawyers and accountants to keep from having to pay their "fair share" in taxes. They all outsource jobs to keep from paying Americans a fair wage. Their hypocrisy is rank and everyone can smell it. They are playing with fire and they will not escape getting burned.

  12. Anybody that has the idea of getting rid of the police and or Defunding the Police has the brains of an ICE CUBE!!

  13. The people who can afford their own security teams wants to defumd the police? Are you F-CKEN serious? Well, when the cops are gone the crocks are going to start ripping off the wealthy, because the poor ain't got nothing. So hollywood better pay their security forces real good. Even then, when the rioters come the security forces will go. So good luck with that.

  14. Take away Guns, take away Police, take away Army, there is a pattern here

  15. Ya know these actresses need to shut up and stop ppl from realising just how dumb they really are… currently as someone not an American and not living in the US if you stop financing your police forces whose going to keep your overly dumb RICH asses from becoming a massive target for kidnapping and ransom ffs tbh I'm not sure anyone would pay to get either one of you back in such a situation because your simply not worth it!

  16. This is why i don't watch movies, as a matter of fact I've never even heard of these actresses

  17. There will be no outcry for the murdered police officer that doesn't fit the narrative of the left they need division to keep the whites and blacks fighting against one another and your eyes off them. It's the oldest game in the book divide and conqueror and their brainless sheep out here looting and protesting fall right in line every time. Bidding for there very own destruction. It amazes me the level of dogma these people have
    They question absolutely nothing they see on the tv. Mark Twain once said it's earlier convincing someone of a lie than to convince them they been lied to

  18. I wonder who they’re gonna call when someone tries to break into their mansions… Honestly these celebrities should stfu and stay in their living room drinking 100$ fiji water

  19. I 💓 the Police! Sting rocks and they have awesome songs like Roxanne, Don't Stand So Close to Me, Walking on the Moon, Can't Stand Looking You, I'll be Watching You, Demolitin Man and Wrapped Around your Finger!

  20. Why would anyone think defining the police is smart. It's not like I'll equipped, undertrained and undermanned police force will be any better. If anything the officers will be stressed out constantly and it will get worse…

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