When Hazel E joins the stage, Masika walks off as the outrageous and nasty insults continue.


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30 thoughts on “Masika & Hazel E Finally Face Off | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. So strange when people get sensitive about their kids or their child being insulted but isn't everyone someone's child? To get respect give some out too🤷🏽‍♀️

  2. People kill saying kids are off limits, people are going to talk about you and your kids till the day you and them die and long after, you don’t want people to talk about your kids then don’t have them, I think people fail to realize when you arguing with someone and you mad and heated you ain’t going to play it safe, you gonna hit them with everything and if you ain’t ready for shit to be said to you then don’t argue with nobody, ain’t no rules to arguing with a person oh shit let me not say this, you better come prepared for war and sit on the sidelines,

  3. Why is hazel moving around like that? Like a ventriloquist dummy. I don’t think she blinked or anything.

  4. Sometimes I wonder if their beef is a lot deeper like… They had something? Hazel caught feelings and Masika didn't? Idk their beef is so strange but funny 😂

  5. Man I would mop the floor with Masika. She has sooo much mouth and then when someone sees her face to face she runs or “calls her lawyers”. She had the never to call Hazel body fake and has plastic surgery as well. People need to stop being smart and assholes when they have children cause idgaf you come for me NOTHING is off limits. Also the whole time Hazel been on the show everyone has done nothing but dog her and talk about her features and the fact that she doesn’t look like your “conventional” beauty. They ALL SUCK!

  6. Hazel:when I crashed in Dubai that I almost died on to get nose job did I get ever an apology?

  7. Idk wat it is but there's something about Hazel that makes her look like pennywise lol

  8. No Masika didn't say her feelings was like Hazel body..can't feel nun 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Always giving someone new camera time..Masika,are you the inventor of tv or the camera?.

  10. “My feelings are like that plastic body of yours, can’t feel shit”

  11. Masika act like she running something girl you ain't running nothing you slept with a rapper you a baby mama Girl by she doing too much

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