The First Episode that aired Oct. 31, 1983
Panel: Alison Arngrim, Barbi Benton, Bill Daily,
Twyla Littleton, Phil Proctor, Skip Stephenson,
Tom Villard, Jimmie Walker.


7 thoughts on “Match Game-Hollywood Squares Hour – First Episode (4 of 8)

  1. That was pretty much how NBC executives felt about the "Goodsonization" of NBC's own product, "Concentration." However, rather than see the series be syndicated to CBS stations, the network rather reluctanly picked up "Classic Concentration," so in a way, packager Jim Victory "syndicated" it to NBC, and the continuing royalties coming in from the format made it profitable.

  2. This was a horrible idea. The whole point of Hollywood Squares was to give the celebrities a chance to do a zinger. Brutal show.

  3. Notice that when Jon asked Twyla a question, it was open ended. There were no multiple choices, as per Mark Goodson's policy. What happened here? Did someone slip up?

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