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28 thoughts on “Matt Barnes on Breakup, Derek Fisher Relationship, & Kobe Bryant on Hollywood Unlocked [UNCENSORED]

  1. I wasn’t a fan of Matt Barnes when he was playing but I’ve definenty become a fan since all the smoke

  2. Checking out the little shorts LOL….Matt Barnes and Stephan Jackson and the last Kobe interview was more justice than the CP3 veto no doubt.

  3. Give it up for the blackness behind beating up your girl's suitor immediately

  4. Matt Barnes problem is he's been raised by a white woman with no strength, he probly told her what to do, and cursed at 6 years old, he's been damaged by his disfunctional family. he also probably had a problem with her three kids, they clashed with his boys, and that can be akward too, he might as well go find a white woman because BLACK woman are who they are it's in our DNA..WHY? We are very much misunderstood, because we always had to lead, carry on, grind and provide, because our men abandoned the family and white folks started the demise of the black family. Do your research!

  5. I smell bs. He’s the common denominator. He’s not innocent. Same outcome different woman, Matt’s the common denominator

  6. I love u Matt! I had a dream we was kicking it in the shower smoking and right before we was about to f*** I woke up🤦🏽‍♀️…

  7. Good dude but he could probably use some counseling to deal with his past. If not, he will never have a successful relationship.

  8. Still not getting better hearing about Kobe. When they asked Matt about Kobe had me tearing up man. 💜💛 miss you Kobe.

  9. Matt is a real Alpha male, the shit he said about he rather his ex be involved with someone like Fisher than some wild n out type dude being around his kids this is what Future should have said about Ciara marrying Russell Wilson.

  10. Totally impressed!! Matt Barnes seems so honest , passionate, committed.
    Laced with integrity! What an awesome guy

  11. He was honest and admitted that he was being petty when he made the post with his Son in the picture saying he doesn't know when he'll see him again. Yet all those ppl on IG who don't even know either one of these ppl had negative comments about that lady, and she said she had death threats in her DM. smh to the ppl on social media that don't know these famous ppl yet they're all in their business thinking they know what's going in their relationship.

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