Bobby Holland Hanton is a stuntman from England who has stunt doubled for Daniel Craig, Jake Gyllenhall, and all of the “Chrises”. He’s done stunt work for “Quantum of Solace”, “Wonder Woman”, and so many more. Hanton has to rehearse his wild stunts many times since some acts can feel like being “fired out of a cannon”. He’s even been set on fire for “Game of Thrones”! At the end, the most important part of being a stuntperson is to emulate the actor’s movements, so the audience can’t differentiate the actions of the main actor and stuntperson.

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41 thoughts on “Meet Hollywood's Busiest Stuntman

  1. Could anyone be so kind as to tel me what is the song in the background towards the end?

  2. So he basicly the actor, but with some burnt overall his body, and some glass shards inside his costume. Cool👏

  3. It's a literal crime that stunt men/women, coordinators, choreographers and the rest of the stunt crew are not given the recognition they deserve. As a huge fan of blockbuster action movies and superhero movies, I know that the true superheroes are the stuntment who perform the wild shit we see on screen. They work hard and risk their lives every day to entertain us fans. They deserve their own award in every major award show.

  4. I got two courses but it sometimes hard to get job. Any tips where they pay normal 🙂

  5. Bobby is part of Chris Hemsworth's team now, even involved in his fitness app as one of the trainer. He even made a contract that all the stunt in all of his film should only be acted by Bobby.

  6. I met Bobby today, no joke, I got his autograph and he seems like a really nice guy

  7. One of these days the stunt community will be recognised by the wider movie industry for the invaluable elements they bring to the table. From coordination and choreography, to individual performers and specific jobs. Categories would be good, too; aerial, fight, fire, fall, etc. It’s a damned travesty that such a crucial element of all major movies of the past however many decades are overlooked, when costume design and other departments get recognition for their labours.

  8. Nothing like having the body of a 80 year old at 45! These idiots have among the highest rates of opioid addiction and alcoholism along with suicide.

  9. When you realize that all the heroic scenes in your favorite movies were played by stunt doubles and NOT your favorite actor.

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