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The race war video:

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  1. She is a social climber,and climbed into the Windsor family. Don't understand why she turned away. She can't climb any higher

  2. Dear Royal family you have great lawyers to work on how to bring Harry home . Meghan has her claws into Harry. She can't keep her hand off Harry. She's forever man handing him . She pushes him here and pulls him there . His like a puppet on string. He doesn't know where the hell he is going . He needs help. He needs his army buddies to fly in and get Harry and Archie and fly out quickly.

  3. Oiy PT. No duchy of Cornwall isn't funded by the tax payers. It's a viable business with a turn over of millions, get your facts right.

  4. It makes no sense to me that Meghan would divorce Harry. He and his connection to the royal family are the very thing that gives Meghan any relevance at all. Absent the royal connection Hollywood has absolutely no reason for interest in her. Divorced from Harry, she's back to being a D-list nobody (how often do you hear anything about Sarah Ferguson these days?). 

    And since the entire world has witnessed the disastrous way H&M have exited from England and the royal family, will the public flock to see Meghan in acting roles, or to whatever foundation/charity they try to start? Meghan has been exposed as a greedy grifter and Harry as a weak man who stupidly gave up everything. He betrayed his family and turned his back on his country and military. Normal people don't respect and support people like these two. Unless there is money to be made, Hollywood has no reason to give these two the time of day. If that success does not happen quickly nobody in Hollywood will continue to prop them up.  

    Even if they do find success, if Meghan dumps Harry then she loses the very thing that created that success (being associated with royalty). So either way, I don't see Meghan dumping Harry. I hope Harry wisens up and leaves her though. If not, in a few years time I won't be surprised to hear that Meghan has had a tragic accident. What a terrible coincidence that will be after Diana. I'm sure poor Harry and his child(ren) will be warmly embraced back into the royal family, and the UK public will genuinely be glad he's back home. Given his unthinkable suffering after losing the central female in his life again, all will be forgotten and forgiven.

  5. She never had a relationship with those people before she is using them

  6. Divorce in LA,,, oh CRAP….. Harry is SCREWED !! No wonder she chose LA …

  7. REALLY BAD MOVE,, Oprah is on House Arrest for her Evil Deeds ( Twitter making spaghetti, has an ankle bracelet on ) Tyler Perry is a Satanist, but the Royals have their fair share ie. the Asian kid climbing out of the Palace Naked ?? Didn’t forget that, or Charles I believe that hung out with Epstein ?

  8. I would rather them to divorce! So very ashamed wry much in the world. I don’t understand why people support them! Makes me vomit!

  9. Harry our out another video yesterday of him on a call w other people.. It’s the exact same background behind him that was in 2 other videos of him one of which he was supposedly in Canada

  10. So, when she needs it, she is white….when she needs it she is Italian, when she needs it she is Jewish (she converted before marriage to Trevor, who is jewish), when she needs it she is Royal for two years….when she needs it she is black actress.

    Isn't this a typical NARC behavior?

  11. HA!! I said the same thing! She is trying to use Tyler for roles in movies! She is till friends w/Jessica. Not sure where you get that they aren’t. Just because you haven’t heard about her I a week or two doesn’t mean they aren’t. I hate when people say things they have no facts about. The fact she’s a con artist evil pos…now that’s fact! 😂😂

  12. I don’t think she is quite ready to divorce him. She had to set herself up 100% and she isn’t quite there yet. Also, not to be rude but can you slow down a bit when you talk? You talk way to fast! 😂😂😂

  13. I believe Harry is being coercively controlled and at this time is a victim and unable to do anything about his situation. Isolating people is a narcissistic behaviour. Check out his video re the Invictus Games, it says it all, how coerced and unhappy he is.

  14. Of course most blacks are gonna fall for it.Once you play the "race card" they come running like moths to a flame! I recently came across one of her "sugars" who was trying to compare Megan's treatment by the press with that of Ahmud Abury's Trying to paint Megan as persecuted black girl.😂

  15. Megan must have prevailed upon our stupid prime minister to pay for her security. He told Canadians that we would not pay for it. If he is her friend that doesn’t say anything good about her!

  16. Tyler Perry is very close with Oprah, so he probably did it as a favor for her. I’m so disappointed in Oprah, for supporting Megan!

  17. Can you imagine how horrible it would be to be married to that shrew meghan..omg

  18. Is Prince Archie not the product of the British Crown ??? When the late Lady Diana , God Rest, was divorced from their father, Prince Charles, those boys ( Harry and William ) were the property of the United Kingdom and basically spent MOST of their time with Charles' FAMILY, did they NOT ??? I could be WRONG about this, but I think not. Those BOYS AREN'T the possessions of Meghan , are you KIDDING …. ARCHIE is HIGH, AS AN the ISSUE IN LINE TO SUCCEED the THRONE, FOR MONARCH OF ENGLAND. Have him raised as an African-American person ??? Are you KIDDING ……

  19. MM isn't a good actress. There are plenty of excellent black actresses in Hollywood these days. She isn't one of them.

  20. No cute, young, competent assistants for old granny Meg! No female under age 70 will be allowed to sashay in front of the impressionable Haz …

  21. Sick of them. The two of them deserve each other. They're horrible human beings. Any one attempting to make a buck from them is just as bad.

  22. Sickly sweet Meghan. This woman knows exactly what she is doing. Remember, once Archie lives in California for one year he shall be considered California resident. Therefore, if Harry would want Archie to leave even for a visit overseas he needs that woman's permission.

  23. It will be very difficult for Meghan to hold a bright white baby up, saying he is an African American black child.

  24. If Britain was really "racist," they would not have turned out in droves cheering her wedding. To the Left, EVERYTHING is "racist." Just imagine all the insane publicity the divorce will bring. Good analysis.

  25. MegaJaw should've just read that book ALONE… I though actors were supposed to be great a picking up on the emotions of others? Because she sure wasn't pickin up what Archie was putting down.

  26. This woman from the Danjazone needs to stop publishing lies to make money… Where are you getting these a statement that its on Public demand.. How can the Public demand what they don't know about… And who is the secret agent who is providing you with this information.. You are working with this woman or you are the woman who was maternal shaming Meghan? I saw this first in your video and you have been fighting against the Royal family stating that they change their shapes and that Meghan was wearing Prostatic bump.
    You need to stop these reports because you make me sick and feel bullied by your actions.

    I am very sure that people who suffer from depression and mental illness suffer from fear… If they are trying to regain their place in society you are doing a good job in delaying their recovery.. You are bulling the Public to believe trash.

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