Meghan Markle and Prince Harry embarrassment as #Hollywood star makes awkward joke

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Prince harry
meghan markle
meghan and harry
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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The Queen

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24 thoughts on “Meghan Markle and Prince Harry embarrassment as Hollywood star makes awkward joke

  1. Well, if it is such a great place for privacy and security, why erect that ugly, Walmart security fence? Why does Meghan keep calling the paparazzi on herself? They both, but especially Meghan, are desperately trying to stay relevant that's why.

  2. ha ha ha ha ha the hollywood stars does not like this couple –the reason is obvious

  3. Ryan renolds you better stop this racism against meghan .. that is not going to go down well with BLACK LIVES MATTER … STOP YOUR RACISM.

  4. I really don't find any thing funny about that,people make mistakes when answering questions all the time.This question was brought in just to bring the Duke and Duchess's name into something that isn't funny.

  5. That's silly joke,he needs something else to talk about, what about Andrew, silly boy this are all racism, idiot

  6. I didn't here the joke nor do I see why Harry and Megan are embarrassed or embarrassing. Just more fodder for the megan hating village idiots✌ good lord

  7. this is nothing more than a weak attempt to link Ryan Reynolds and Adam Scott to Harry and Meghan and is baseless and silly

  8. Meghan was a real dumb saying from beginning that she didn't know who was prince harry what a dumb I'm stil lol about it

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