“If I were God we would be in trouble” Mel Gibson told me. Watch how Andrew Garfield cracks up the Hollywood director talking abut Hollywood – and the two talking about faith and their new movie Hacksaw Ridge.

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34 thoughts on “MEL GIBSON on why Hollywood Is Like A Kidney – And Why We Should Be Happy he Is Not God

  1. I love that he said its a good thing hes not god cuz Hollywood would be in trouble hes so real its soooooo refreshing

  2. His mannerisms are so much like my own dad's that I feel like I'm sitting and visiting with him! Matter of fact, think I'll stop by mom and dad's this evening and hug their necks and tell them I love them! I just wish there were some way Mel could be put mainstream exposing Hollywood. These people are sick and most certainly shouldn't be influencing politics NOR having access to our children.

  3. I think we all at times have a notion of how we/things would be if we were God. But, we're not, people! God is God, we are not, no matter how much we wanna think we are! We need to get over ourselves!

  4. They all talk about a comeback. He had nothing to come back from. His art never once waned. He was always great and still is.

  5. I think you do a fantastic job interviewing. Keep up the excellent work. God bless you and Jesus loves you.

  6. Hollywood is a kidney of Wall-Street capitalism .
    A business that is in the roll of Wall-Street is like studying in Harvard, or Princeton.

  7. Mel has enough legitimate children to put all of Hollywood to shame…..lollllllll
    Keep up the good work and honesty mate.
    Kidney is not the word i would use 😉

  8. Hollywood may not be pagan Rome, but:
    Catholic responsibility is very weak nowadays; while liberal views and materialistic attractions are getting prominently strong year by year.

    I would like to call for alarm in the Catholic spirit of pastoral care. Like one in "Quo Vadis", when Peter had a vision of our Lord bearing a cross to die with the Martyrs while Rome is burning.

  9. Great Resposibilty.
    The digital age shows, in the YouTube, that there are many outlets for partisan politics; specially liberal views: such as atheistic and homosexual relationships .
    It's a dangerous time for the young minds which can be easily indoctrinated.
    If the youth isn't quite morally strong, many will be ruined by the world, the flesh, and the devil. Such as satanic cults and other forms of idolatry.
    So, the parental-lookout can be heavy and the responsibility of the entertainment industry, too.

  10. " bring back the bacon here ???" !!!! thats soooooo like like like sooo like anti Jewish ! still up to his old tricks cursing the Jewish Israelite's !! Bacon ??? in canada that word is not allowed to respect the ruling muslims !

  11. He has become disenchanted with the Jesuit Hollywood BS and realised there is more to life , now he has to live among the shallow minded idiots who will never get it , I feel sorry for him

  12. Mel can you do my movie next? It a story about God America Family court kidnapping identity theft human trafficking God's presence being made known and saving America?

  13. Im proud of mel gibson.he stood up against the globalist elites,the zionists and made the most truthful version of passion of the christ.what an amazing beautiful honest movie.thankyou mel gibson.

  14. I'll always honor and respect Mel for his creation of the passion of the Christ movie. I see him in a new light, even through the controversy and allegations on his behalf.

  15. Mel is outstanding. I missed his work acting and directing. He’s the best talent there is besides Ridley Scott in my opinion. So talented

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