Michael B. Jordan is calling on Hollywood and demanding them to “commit to Black hiring” and more in an emotional speech during a protest in Los Angeles. Plus, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and more celebrities continue to use their voices in the fight against racism and police brutality.

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31 thoughts on “Michael B. Jordan Calls On Hollywood To 'Commit To Black Hiring'

  1. What a dumb ass. People must be hired based on positive attitude and competence … NOT SKIN COLOR.

  2. In that movie about Oscar Grant he got fired for coming in late too many times

  3. Bull kaka increase wages , have unions and give gold benefits to your people. Black faces in high places does not matter to be if they are neoliberal.

  4. Why not just pull your money together and create your own studio

  5. When the Black man learns to stay out the White man's factories, kitchens and his bedroom then he'll learn how to solve his own problems. – Malcom X

  6. Where is Will Smith? Is he hiding in the rock now? I hope he never show his face in public again

  7. We shall see where all this leads … as far as I can tell at the moment everyone is towing the line and making all the right noises to quell the masses.
    However, once this dies down and the fire 🔥 has been put out will action (and for the right reasons) actually take place.

  8. Since when is your skin colour qualifications for a job.
    Except in the liberal government of Canada.
    Non white immigrants need only apply is their motto here.
    No background checks needed.

  9. Why dont you concentrate on pulling people up, instead of ways to just hand over everything. It's called education and work.

  10. How about hiring the best qualified person not by the color of their skin.

  11. The black deceivers are out and working to bring us down the path of hell. never follow any black celebrities, they are controlled we've learnt that over the years. They talk with a fork tongue. only news I listen too is black news now, these celebrities sell out! they can't help it.

  12. This is funny when Michael B Jordan doesn't even hire black women in the movies he produces 😂😂

  13. Too many celebrities jumping in. Where were all these celebrities. When other black people were been Murdered for Years. I can’t tell if these celebrities, are being sincere, or doing it, to jump on the bandwagon, to get Attention to their brand.

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