Michael Johns singing Bohemian Rhapsody during Hollywood Week on American Idol



18 thoughts on “Michael Johns – Bohemian Rhapsody – Hollywood Week

  1. @Azelf3 lol ok you can think what you want, if you think DC is a better singer than DA, well that is your right but I think you may need to get your hearing checked. just saying.Saying DA isn't bad proves my point totally, but if you think that I won't try to make sense of it for you, I guess you voted for Hick's over Mcphee too. LOL

  2. @Azelf3 ummm it should have been MJ & DA at the final, to leave the best singer out of that equation is funny though.

  3. Never get tired of hearing this..he's my absolute fav!
    You can follow Michael on twitter @Michael_Johns and his official fansite twitter is @mjohnsonline

  4. not only hes freakin hot he also can freakin sing..whoever will be hes future wife is one LUCKY GIRL!!!.

  5. I love him. This Idol season has been the best so far. I had too many favorites. I miss you Michael!

  6. I want to hear him singing the full song. Freddie Mercury's voice – that would have to strike fear into any singer's heart, but I must say, this is the 2nd best I've heard this song sung.

  7. hes got a great voice and a lot of sex appeal! i hope he makes it to the top 3 at least.

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