Opening Day of Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway at Disneyland Hollywood Studios . Walt Disney World opens its newest attraction to big crowds on March 4th 2020


47 thoughts on “Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway Opening Day at Disney’s Hollywood Studios – First Train Experience

  1. Awesome! Love your channel and this ride. I also posted a pov on my channel in high quality.

  2. There is a Great Movie Ride reference in the ride! In the Carnival section there are posters and one of them is called The Great Moving Ride.

  3. From being booted out of the parks to the first guest on the newest attraction. Your life has definitely come full circle.

  4. Thanks for always bringing us along with you on so many of these grand openings to see the first sets of people to try new things and wait outside at 3 AM.

  5. My first assumption was the whole screen literally rolled up (like the pictures in haunted mansion elevator) but here it looks more like a solid wall. How does it work?

  6. I will understand the appeal of grown ass adults queuing at the buttcrack of dawn to go on a Mickey Mouse ride

  7. i love it how adam always make the little kids videos first,then he will do a video for the mature audiance.great video,a ten thumbs up.

  8. I ended up being there in that line not even knowing it was opening day, arrived at 7:30am for Rise of the Resistance, did both rides

  9. I like how much of the indoor queue they kept the same. That is so cool you guys got the first ride!

  10. Kinda sad actually.. it went from a great 20 min+ ride to a short less attractive ride.

  11. again.. awesome.. awesome.. they really Max with the visuals…. so 11 out of 10 cant speak to the time vs cost that is relative as Einstein said .. That being said.. Knowing that the LINE is almost 'lost in space' If i could have used my natural foresight and possessed the authority onsite.. even with U, Woo, and I dont mean Woo as the guy that Peed on On The Dude's Carpet.. that was a different Woo.. 'an asian american'… But i would not be playing the Captain or Lt of the Titanic and I would have made all efforts to 'Fill Them Boats to the Max' right out of the Gate.. less is more Only seems to Work Well for the Woo. beyond that Opportunity Cost of waiting to Fill each sq footage of each boat, knowing that each ride is. how ever in length,.,. 'its all dope to me, awesome totally awesome.. I'd call it a 'Colorado' .// thanks for Another Edition of Awesome Upload.. Liked already and saved to Memory God Bless U Woo.. sum one has 'To Be" the First.

  12. This is cool for several reasons but just last decade Adam was banned from Disneyworld property and now he is able to be a part of Disneyworld history! How cool!

  13. I think I saw you getting off the skyliner. Hi! I love watching these ride through because this is the cutest and technologically stunning attraction. Between this and ROTR nothing can stop studios Now!

  14. I can’t believe I was there and never got to see you. Dang! It’s a great ride though!

  15. Another slam dunk from the mind of Kevin Rafferty! Remember the hype from D23?

  16. Man you have packed on some weight. I just watched a vid from4 years ago, you looked quite slim.

  17. Thank you for taking a second to talk with my husband and I. I’m sorry if I was a little bit “loud” , I happened to just look up from my phone, saw you and was surprised. Keep up the wonderful videos!

  18. Don't get mad. But I rather see the "old forgotten towns" then a new ride in illusionville.

  19. Is no none going to talk about that one cast member who said "it keeps happening and i have no idea" HAHAHAHAHAH SHES GREAT

  20. Not to be a Debbie Downer and I realize that rides run their course, and times change but there’s no way it’s better than TGMR. Maybe I just love animatronics too much or am just getting old lol

  21. 300 minute wait day 1. Pass. Does look like a cool ride though, I'll wait for some D33 perks to get on it

  22. Adam thank you for your dedication to bring us quality Disney fun!!!

  23. Thanks so much for sharing an incredible ride with us!! Look forward to your next adventure.

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