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Mickey Rourke Prefers ‘Real Acting’ Over ‘That Crap’ Acting in Marvel Movies

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6 thoughts on “Mickey Rourke Prefers ‘Real Acting’ Over ‘That Crap’ Acting in Marvel Movies

  1. Lol. Allow me to re-introduce you to 90s super model Carre Otis and also this great thespians ex wife. She once ended up in the ER from a gunshot from his gun and yeah by both their accounts at the time they were the only two people in the room but it was “an accident”. She later filed DV charges for a different incident but then following intercessions by his industry friends *and John Gotti* (yes, that Gotti) dropped them. He then very publicly stalked her during NY Fashion week from show to show. So publicly that designers gave security his pic to keep him out. So publicly that tabloids were following her hoping to catch an altercation. Oh and he also had goons beat up a famous Vogue (
    (gay) photographer for a revealing cover shoot in a very obvious attempt to wreck her career. She was so scared of him, she slowly secretly moved her things out and then told him she was filing for divorce in a joint therapy session. And by joint session, I mean with both his therapist and her therapist in the room. She had to wait for him to leave town to get his assistant to give her some of their dogs. Years later when he got his career resurgence for The Wrestler he went about saying in interviews how she was the love of his life. He spun all the well rumored abuse as just a turbulent relationship between deeply in love addicts. And it worked. Y’all forgot that this was an open secret and he had a very successful awards season. Then Carre wrote her book a few years later because how you gonna turn the most traumatic years of her life into a love story and a few of us remembered.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Can someone remind this man he was in an Enrique Iglesias music video – he has no business taunting anyones artistic sensibilities.

  2. >Rourke said he much prefers the real acting on display in “Law & Order”

    lol Law and Order is garbage. But so is Marvel, so…

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