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21 thoughts on “Mike Epps Talks Kevin Hart, Bill Cosby, Hollywood Gatekeepers + More

  1. I’m confused 🤷‍♂️ who is disliking these videos. Hollywood conspiracy

  2. Mike you’re one of my favorites but you should just avoid answering questions about Kevin. Not a good look for you bruh.

  3. The best in the game!Mike Epps!The funniest man alive!Mike would destroy Kevin if they were put in the same room!💯Facts!

  4. Powerful interview from the brother Mike Epps. He said if I founded out one race outlived another race I'll be prejudice against them. I peep game my G!!

  5. Tbh kev can box tho he beat his ass lol i love both of em but kev been my guy since he started

  6. Mike, keep getting it on your on , when the man help u , that means Vaseline stock just went up!!!

  7. Think he talking about the audience he catering to, and how he basically shifted gears and changing lanes

  8. 17:20 he talking SPECIFICALLY about “the rock” Dwayne Johnson. His movies suck and he’s constantly in every copycat movie yet the dummies still pay to whore him. Every movie he ends up with a partially torn dirty white shirt and grunting. You don’t have to be a genius to know that.

  9. I like mike Epps. Seems like a chill dude. I can’t for the life of me get into his comedy. I’ve seen all of the movies he’s in. Tried just to enjoy and I just can’t find him funny in any of his skits. Kevin Hart sucks period. His fans are the 12 year olds with their dumb Instagram. He’s even worse than mike Epps. That being said I respect Mr. Epps.

  10. Mike high as mf😂 in this interview but he the brother got alot of since and the most high is dealing with him about having wealth a rich man cannot enter into heaven

  11. Mike Epps just seems like a real people person. Common sense type guy. Love it!

  12. "They got the Father of Comedy", "Yeah but he was assaulting women", Mike Epps, really?? really?? Mike Epps, if he was the gatekeeper, he'd be keeping some black folks out too from opportunity. But he's right, every business got gatekeepers.

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