Relive the highs and lows of Miles “Sirr Brock” and Milan Christopher’s love story, as the first openly gay male couple in Love & Hip Hop history.


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39 thoughts on “Miles & Milan’s Relationship Timeline | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. They looked good together. Too bad Milan is such a messy queen and it didn't work out

  2. Most men are cheaters so two men together I know is super toxic🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️

  3. I know this isnt funny but when Milan said he followed miles to Ambers house I fell out!! lmaooooo

  4. Ooooo! 😳He on the down low! I don't like that personally & it's just sneaky. B thoughtful & say that u bi if that's where u lean. At least men & women will know where u stand. I also hope he ain't hitting BOTH of em raw. NAH! 😳🤯

  5. Can y’all do a compilation on Hazel-E and all the fights she’s had on the show and her and Teairra’s relationship

  6. Miles is Sweet.His family changed a bit..An episode he said he was having suicidal thoughts..

  7. Miles just too cute for this nasty ass shit I just can't deal with this on TV it's not nice to watch bc fr fr what exactly are we trying to teach our kids😥😫😭😠

  8. They should bring back miles and Milan and more gay men but not the stereotypical gay man

  9. Why is hazel back on love and hip hop bruh she hasn’t been seen in three years why is u back

  10. So here's the thing, I understand that Hip hop has been Virulently homophobic which is why trying to find a real storyline or rappers that are gay to appear on this show would have an infinitesimal to no chance, however, I do not like that LHH example of gay representation in the space was mostly fake. Having said that, let's continue.
    1. There were a lot of elements that were touched on, that were very interesting to see, and usually never gets talked about on a platform like this, with this subject matter, in this type of space, for that, I am appreciative.
    2. It is also interesting to see that Fucbois are universal, which we all know they are.
    3. The Nerve of Hazel E to call her Mansika…Sir!?! (let me not be disrespectful, and lower to her level) Ma'am… really!?! Are you serious!?!
    4. How can you cut out Amber's Razzy Award Winning performance for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama!?!
    5. When she said "You can be a duck if you want to…Quack Quack…" I hollered again
    6. The first question out the gate "So…what are you aspirations in life…besides Stripping." (Pearl Clutcher!)
    7. Miles ain't shit
    8. Milan and his fake, I was going to propose (seen this 3 times already) proposal…in the voice of Alex Newell "Boy, you can keep it (keep it)
    9. Overall, since it is love and hip hop and thus reality tv, which fake storylines have the propensity to emerge…it was cute or whatever.

  11. Miles use Milan credit card whenever he go to the studio I don’t think he really even likes him he was just using him

  12. How can you not want the world to know, but you’re on a reality show😅,Damn they got me furious, reality show are really just shows no reality.😑

  13. Why is miles sister so hype? I would’ve got her ass together💯.. miles don’t deserve Milan honestly.. he’s too caring and sweet

  14. Omg, you guys have me crying. I am so happy for you both; Miles and Milan. Yes, that big sis, Charmagne don't play the radio. Mile's mom, don't play, either. I love it 🙏🏽🙌🏽

  15. Imagine selling out for a dollar 💵 Then BOOM the economy crash. GREAT & SMALL, both Rich or poor will be required to take the mark #Bloop

  16. I can’t believe my 👀 2 men kissing and Laying in the bed talking like women. This is jus Sad asl jus why tho?? Why choose to be with a man over a woman. Like Damn this world has truly came to a End! No need to comment cause IDC

  17. This storyline was exposed to be fake. Miles was never closeted and Milan was right to say he was cheating, because he was.

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