Miles Teller continues to be one of Hollywood’s rising young stars after nabbing a new role in the upcoming thriller, ‘Not Without Hope’. The film will be produced by NFL star Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara. Teller gained critical acclaim for his incredible performance in 2014’s Whiplash and will star in Top Gun: Maverick this fall.


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6 thoughts on “Miles Teller Continues To Be One Of Hollywood's Hottest Young Stars

  1. The paparazzi is so fucking disgusting. He was just grabbing something from the store and these fucks are rapid shooting pictures of him. He's not on a red carpet for Christ's sake. And shame on the sick "fans" who want to see the pictures and video of celebrities. They are people who wanted to express themselves artistically. I'm not saying that all celebrities are these innocent victims. Yes they worked for fame but that doesn't mean that they don't deserve the right to run to the grocery store for some fucking eggs and not be harassed. It just pisses me off. The only reason I viewed this video is because it was on my Google news feed so I wanted to speak my mind. Can the world please rediscover it's empathy? Treat others how you would want to be treated. Dumbasses.

  2. If celebrities hear that rapid fire clicking all the time, I can see where it would be off-putting.

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