Mistaken Identity Switched At Birth – BEST HOLLYWOOD MOVIES STARRING Melissa Gilbert

Mistaken Identity, an upsetting drama based on real life incidents, was produced by Carlton International and made for CBS television. In it, we are first introduced to Sarah Burlow (Melissa Gilbert) and Linda Wells (Rosanna Arquette). Both get admitted to the same hospital – Sarah’s delivery is scheduled three weeks later while Linda is in full labor at the time of admission. However, Sarah goes into labor on the same day, prior to the date fixed. She is rich, well educated and this will be her first child. On the other hand, Linda is uneducated, an average teller at a bank, single and lives close to the hospital. Soon, an unusual incident occurs – these two women give birth to two baby boys almost at the same time, an event which has never happened in this hospital. They are kept in the same room and though they aren’t quite like each other, they soon become friends knowing well that they won’t see each other again. After this, around a year and a half later, there is a shocking revelation – as Linda fights with Darryl, her former boyfriend, for getting child support, a DNA test proves that none of them are the boy’s parents. Following this there are a string of events which leads to Sarah and her husband being called in for DNA testing, which really makes them annoyed. They are informed about a chance of a mix up which is ultimately proved and the parents decide to sue the hospital for the mistake. In the meantime, Darryl starts communicating with Linda again as he realizes his chances of gaining financially. Linda gradually comes to know of his hidden agenda about the settlement. Just when the court is about to give its final judgment about the children, Linda, along with Sarah and her husband, sides against Darryl to save the children (her child included) from Darryl’s custody. This results in him losing the custody which is transferred to the other three parents.


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  1. Yay finally Good Custody Movie 👏
    Work out at the end
    As for the Johnny came lately huh good job…..

  2. I would love to have my own child no matter the consequences. I think the rich lady took advantage bcoz she's poor not to switch the children earlier.

  3. This is a movie so it's simple to say okay we're gonna keep the babies that we've been raising. But in real life, you have to think logically and switch the kids. You cannot make a decision based on emotions because not switching them will mess up their future.

  4. Idiot at start of the movie gets in a hurry and tosses a name tag into the bassinet so carelessly. They should be sued for everything they have when that happens.

    The wealthy couple seem very oddly detached and uninterested in their actual own / real child. I find it unnatural and impossible anyone would act so uninterested, no emotion, no tears, no looking closely at him to see the likeness he may have to them. Very odd indeed.

    The younger mother was so lead by her old boyfriend it was disgusting. Glad she came to her senses and got rid of the dirt bag. The leaching flea bag that walked in wanting settlement money was disgusting and needs to be drowned. I am glad in the end it was a feel good movie with the families living next door to each other.


  5. What about becoming the husband Moslem, or old-fashion Mormon? He would get a young chick, and enjoy great three-somes: Hubby-Milf-Chick. The Milf and the Chick could become bi´s, that will make it perfect.

  6. But i like my flesh and blood if ever i'm on that situation 😇 i know that is hard but if we can work together to raise our child there's no problem at all.

  7. But sorry, I don’t understand how is it possible that a couple might be legally able to end with the custody of both children? I mean, the rich couple are also the actual biological parents of one of these children (Luke). So they should have the equal right to have their biological child. Right? Why do they risk to end up losing them both?

  8. After the babies were born, the nurse that had the responsibility to put the baby bracelets in each crib should have told the other nurse I need to put these in the cribs so their isn’t a mix up. He also needed to look at the last names on the crib to make sure the bracelets match.

  9. Wow what a great movie. Really enjoyed it. End well. That was a great decision made by Sarah and linda to live close together for the sake of their sons. 💕

  10. I m writing this in the middle of the story.. both the parents are @ucked up coz when the children will grow up and get to know that his parents are someone else… What they would do..

  11. I don't understand certain postures, I would be the first to want to destroy the babies!



  14. It was good. The focus was not only the children, but learning to not only tolerate but overcome our own judgements of other people. Learning to just love and support, each other.

  15. I cannot believe anyone wouldn’t want their own baby! What is wrong with people? How can these two women not want the kid that just popped out of their own bodies??!! WTF… They should thank each other for doing such a great job for 18 months and give each other back their own kid for god sake‘s

  16. The night she said this not my baby, that was the time for blood work. The boyfriend is a money thing.

  17. It was hard to make decisions in situation like this , I just think if it was me. Bt I like the way is ending

  18. The bond of a Mother and Child is far too great. These Mothers and one Father really did do what's right for both children. Psychologically and physically. Great parenting.

  19. I would of Been pissed and Sued and had ever one involved that did that have the medical License taken away they Ruined to Families Life she knew from the beginning that The Baby wasn’t her as a Medical professional and Doctor why not Look into it before any of the Babies Leaves check the security cameras do DNA testing and People wonder why people would rather Da @ Home Births

  20. 43:54 AWKWARD. Can u imagine something so huge as this "switched newborns" and the ramifications,emotional questions and answers which are unprecedented. Really harkens back to the nature vs. nuture theory.Me, personally,the earlier in their development returning to bio parents would make sense.Young toddlers are very resilient and adapt quickly.Think about it:Can u remember any specific clear first hand memories from before age 5 or 6? Most people can not.Glimpses,screenshots so-to-speak. I would return the boys to their bio families.Thats where a child belongs,providing it's safe and healthy to do so.You have many YEARS, to create new "firsts" and precious bonding moments and memories. (Easy to say being an outsider, I admit). Surely emotionally wrenching for all involved.

  21. This movie was stupid. Who doesn’t want their own child back and you know they were switched at birth!!!????

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