June 5 Mitchel Musso performed at the Grove in L.A. with special guest Miley Cyrus singing Welcome To Hollywood.

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42 thoughts on “Mitchel Musso at the Grove with Miley Cyrus – Welcome To Hollywood

  1. Я не знала что у митчела и майли фанты так орут!

  2. Mitchell. Is. So oooooooooooooooooy. Cute he's. Lucky. He. Got. To. Start out. Younger. He will. Go. Far. So. Will miles. She's. Pretty

  3. I would do anything to be with Mitchel and Miley! 🙂 LOL I LOVE THEM.

  4. hahaha all the girls were recordin mitchel at the end thry almost had the same braclet

  5. there such great best friends!! he goes to visit her in london and everything <3 thats what a true friendship looks like

  6. gr8 performance n gtta say both of em are amazing!!!
    miley i have seen live and she is AMAZINGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!

  7. I like it better when they perform together on the the same stage together and she's not a Backup singer u idiot

  8. i like better when he does it himself but shes good as a backup singer

  9. her dad wasnt the producer Steven Peterman Michael Poryes and her dad had to audition for his role

  10. I love miley she is awesome I agree miley is live and mitchel is lip singing or his mic was lounder…unfair! MILEY IS AWESOME!!! hahaha

  11. ?
    she only got to be 'Hannah Montana' because her daddy was the producer of the show. Sh'e a pop star because little childern like the pretty colors the tv screen emits. Woot!

  12. as always, miley is doin somethind stupid and uncalled for with her hair the whoooooole time. as for mitchell, hes awesome

  13. omg the screaming at the begining is sooo funny! lol. i woulda gone to this if i knew miley was there! and i can tell miley is really singing but idk about mitchel…

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