The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood gives their advice as Love & Hip Hop royalty, Moniece Slaughter, says goodbye to the franchise.


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34 thoughts on “Moniece Says Goodbye to the Show | Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

  1. How can one take a professional leap of faith…..what is the contrast between scientific leap of faith…and professional…the last time I checked….faith is intangible…. Scientific is base on knowledge ..and professionalismn …underpinned with learned behaviour……..yet she keeps undermining Apryl's persona with her son…..and how….she is this great archetype enveloped with…PEndAntics…. The general public to her are…gullible…short sighted…cannot see….most cannot observe…there is a name for this persona…Nitzche call it..Narcissist……..

  2. No one asked you April she said fizz Your opinion is a relevant when it comes to mo an Cameron

  3. If she’s leaving , they need to make sure Masika Brooke Nikki Hazel are back because they can make it something to watch while Moniece is gone 🤷🏾‍♂️

  4. Yo i just found out Moneice sang the america's next top model theme song (the old one though 😯😂)

  5. I'm so sad she is leaving… The show is nothing without her for real. She was always my favorite 😭😭

  6. Focusing on yourself is always good. I hope she also gets "help" for her myriad issues.

  7. Omg, I almost teared up because I’m gonna miss Moniece on the show, she made the show🥺 and Fizz almost cried when he said “you’re his mom”

  8. Moniece facial bone structure is amazing she should do some modeling she's gorgeous and I hope she keeps her pixie bc it makes her look even sexier. Can't wait for the album and I wish her the best as far as her mental health goes ❤️❤️

  9. Moniece is really the STAR Of Hollywood . without her idk if the show will be the same . When joseline left ATL it wasn’t the same . & I honestly don’t think Hollywood will be the same . It will go down hill with those fake ass storylines

  10. Just watched, Harriett"
    Then to watch some of these wealthy, so called cute, so called woman act like fifth graders on Pluto Tv, is such a disappointment!
    "STILL ACTING LIKE SLAVES to mad spirits, y'all can't control yet?
    Still, slaves to annonosity. Ephesians 6:12

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  12. I think it’s tome for her to leave. She’s stable now and that’s what she wanted to begin with.

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