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38 thoughts on “Mo'Nique Speaks On Racial And Gender Inequality In Hollywood + More

  1. Monique never came to terms with reality. If you know society, finance, and celebrity is driven by what have you done lately, then get ya numbers up instead of complaining about no one respecting your past. Do what you have to to get ya money, because boycotting netflix ain't it.

  2. Monique seem madd difficult in this interview.. I see why oprah and Tyler Perry didn't want to work with herself

  3. She doing too much lol clearly Netflix dubbed her because they think she can’t measure up and bring in views/ppl like there other comedians out here. Seems pretty simple to me, you got to look at it in a business aspect!

  4. Mo'Nique isn’t understanding that Amy Schumer’s last film before she signed her deal was Trainwreck, which made $142 million dollars on a $35 million dollar budget. So clearly Netflix took that into account on her deal.

  5. I'm just now seeing this as well as others. It is not uncommon for a person who stands against bullying to be called "difficult", especially women. This issue hurt Monique deeply, and she endured an interview with hosts who have acknowledged bias before, but chose to be blind to it when it happened to her. Then to top it off, CharTheGod kept laughing at her disrespectfully throughout the interview.
    I wish there wasn't so much disrespect for black women from black people. It, among a MOUNTAIN of other things, makes us look so pathetic and immature. Decade after decade we are still the only race that willingly and publicly lynches their own women for sport and are not good enough to do better. smh

  6. I bet Angela overstand what mo is saying now after Lenard did that interview with Gucci man no respect for the black women period he a joke and the only person who softy call him out was will smith this is about radio he don’t care if he poisonings the air way to our people

  7. I think she should have gotten more but I don't think it's fair for her to want more and she hasn't done anything relevant in forever she isn't funny y'all are calling her a legend and for what?! The Parker's? Precious?!!! No she's not a legend in my book. Neither is Tiffany haddish she's not funny either but she's relevant. Monique put herself in the position because she knows her worth true but at the same time she can't just demand it with a company she has no prior relationship. She handled this wrong and y'all are so up in arms for inequality that you are all blind to it.

  8. Its about draws. Monique has little to no draw compared to Dave chapelle or Chris rock. Your resume means shit unless you are a “DRAW” no one is going to invest millions into someone who has far less views than their peers. Lastly almost Christmas success had a lot to do because of Danny Glover and Gabrielle union and a CHRISTMAS MOVIE. To compare that to a solo Amy Schumer movie is dumb. And I think Amy Schumer sucks. This woman is delusional. Good that she’s blacklisted. Chew gum and kick rocks boo!

  9. Man, donkey of the day calling her husband “daddy” is some creepy shit. 😒

  10. Coming from a white man from texas I can say 100% monique is worlds funnier than amy. Trump 2020

  11. Monique & Brother Sid made plenty sense to me 💯. Hollywood is scum unless you are willing to play by their rules…like willing to turn your heads while knowing Harvey Weinstein is saying suck my dick for this role. Me too movement my ass!!

  12. I get what she's saying but PLEASE STOP CALLING UR HUSBAND DADDY!!!!! It's a lil irritating and dumb sounding. It sounds like puppetry. Just my opinion…..

  13. I can not believe how many people are coming to Mo'Nique's defense….just because we love someone..doesn't mean they're always right… She's been involved with the entertainment industry for 30 years… She knows more than anyone it's a 'what have you done for me lately' kind of industry… MO'NIQUE IS NOT A HOT COMMODITY RIGHT NOW… Amy Schumer is NOT funny… I wholeheartedly agree… However… AMY SCHUMER (for some reason) IS A HOT COMMODITY RIGHT NOW… You know how many times DJs play music they can't stand…. There's a reason why Black Rob and Craig Mack ain't in heavy rotation on the radio…. And the fact that she had to reach back 17 years to the Queens of Comedy (which was hilarious btw)… Getting TWO standing Os…. And a movie that she wasn't even top billing for goes to show what she HASN'T done…. I agree.. Mo'Nique does full on geometry around Amy Schumer as far as being funny…. But she knows that's not the name of the game… And it's funny how she says Charlamagne is wrong for saying black female comics haven't been hot recently….. Then she fails to name a black female comic who had been hot recently…. Mo'Nique… We love you… But you gotta hold this "L"

  14. I love how Monique talks like she don’t have to yell in conversation she speaks calmly even when someone opposes her statements or opinions or even facts.

  15. I noticed that women who did not have a good relationship with their fathers, or the father was missing from the household; seem to always call their man, or spouse "daddy". That's NASTY.

  16. 😊 sad thing is, as "right" as she may be, she's not gettin' it… in an immoral, money hungry, ruthless world, things like accountability and humility no longer count… old school "mama" references and "auntie hugs" don't work… we live in a society where older folks (and values) are disrespected daily… the world just no longer has that mindset, if it ever did… right and wrong BEEN gone… she needs to accept that showbiz is shady… the world is shady… older, "wise", heavy-set, black women are not what sells today… it is what it is…

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  18. Chris, dave,amy, have a bigger white audience. So do wanda sikes she even double cause she a lesbian yet wanda is BLACK!and they offered her less than monique and monique is also a black women. now yall see it?

  19. I’m from Laurens SC not far from his town. I’m very ashamed of him of things we as blacks been trough. He shouldn’t forget where he come from.

  20. So Monique Sommore Luennell Wanda Sykes isn't worth millions for comedy show Leonard come tf on

    Eddie Murphy Richard Prior Bernie Mac didn't have arenas to sell out and they are some of the best to ever do it

    Tiffany Haddish hasn't done a comedy show yet during this time

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