Hi all. Been a while since uploading anything, due to a change and relocation of the system as you may see and long working hours, but I’m back with another new upload for you all to enjoy.
4 more tracks taken from the LP:
Swanee (0:00)
A Lovely Way To Spend an Evening (2:34)
Secret Love (5:14)
Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head (7:35)


6 thoughts on “Mrs. Mills Hollywood Party Selection 2/2

  1. As I wanted to very sincerely compliment and thank you for uploading the music played by my favourite, Mrs. Mills, I couldn't help noticing your real name below. It is Adam, isn't it? Thank you very, very much for uploading these golden oldies, Adam. God bless you! Warm greetings from Tami in Bogor, Indonesia!

  2. Why don't we hear music like this on the radio anymore ? As it is nice relaxing music to listen to, it also brightens any dull day and makes you feel happy .

  3. I'm Mighty Glad you're posting videos again havearecordon. I recently bought Mrs. Mills Plays The Roaring Twenties after watching your videos. Great album.

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