‘Mulan’ Receives First PG-13 Rating for Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

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33 thoughts on “‘Mulan’ Receives First PG-13 Rating for Disney’s Live-Action Remakes

  1. I think everyone would be a lot better off if we stopped calling this the “live action remake.”

    This is not a live action movie of the animated tale many of us grew up with. This is a cinematic rendition of the traditional Chinese fable of Mulan. There is no singing, there is no mushu, this is not the story we got years ago.

    It’s like Disney making a true-to-Grimm tale. In the real stories, Ariel kills herself. In the real stories, Aurora gets raped in her magic slumber. These would not be called “live action remakes,” if this was the direction the live actions were going, so why we did this with Mulan I’m not really sure.

  2. Wonder how it’s gonna fare in the box office in China considering the coronavirus situation. Would be a waste given that the movie’s designed heavily to appeal to the Mainland instead of the “Westernized” Mulan I loved. Still salty about no Mushu, Shang or songs. lol.

  3. I hope they say “fuck” one time in the perfect moment just to blow everyone’s mind

  4. Boycott this movie! Lead actress, co-stars and Chinese producers are pro-China and condemned Hong Kong protests. Should not support people who don’t believe in basic human rights.

  5. People on the remakes: “OMG. Disney just recycling our childhoods for profit while making them exactly the same.

    A remake is made which seems to be an actually original take on the subject: “WHERE’S MUSHU?!??”

  6. Screw this movie. Chinese can enjoy it alone while they screw Hong Kong over

  7. They’ll probably make it PG-13 and then do nothing noticeably PG-13.

    Like, someone in the background will say “damn it!” and that’ll be why it’s PG-13.

  8. Just stop with the live action remakes and give something new and interesting, like Atlantis, treasure planet, aristocrats, emperors new groove, etc. All of those were original, well made, and are still fun to watch to this day. Disney is only crapping out these to make a quick buck, despite all the movie making power in the world to make something actually entertaining.

  9. Doesn’t that mean they get one “fuck” in their dialogue?
    If there isn’t a “fuck” sprinkled in that script somewhere I’ll be disappointed

  10. I’m just upset over its depiction of trans issues. The movie implies a girl wearing mens clothing DOESN’T become a man. #CancelMulan

  11. This movie actually looks decent, since they aren’t regurgitating everything from the original and are making a straight action movie that happens be be about mulan

  12. Hope we see hot Indian transvestite sex orgies carried with serious Orientalist undertones

  13. Ngl, I hope this is a NEW Mulan movie and not a remake of the original. Either way though I’m quite sure it’ll end up like lion king 2019

  14. Don’t care about Disney-made Chinese propaganda. This movie is intended for the Chinese market. I’m sure the CCP will love it.

  15. So can we expect that when these talentless hacks absolutely hit rock bottom on creativity the Land Before Time live action release will be R rated? Littlefoots mom being gored by a sharp tooth in 4K will absolutely devastate the children.

  16. I’m so hyped for his film. Literal chills when I watched the trailer. I forgot it was originally a cartoon.

  17. Cool. Still not seeing it without Shang and a considering the main actress is a CCP shill

  18. This movie is toast. China’s not allowing any films in, it’s budget is way too high, and they’ve taken out most of what people liked from the animated film. Incoming Dumbo 2.

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