16 thoughts on “MURDERS OF HOLLYWOOD (2003) PT 3 OF 5

  1. Carl Switzer was a little son of a bitch.  He bullied the other kids, peed on the key lights & pulled many stunts on set.  He thought he was the star & the other kids couldn't stand him.

  2. Excuse me, like your vids but Sharon Tate was killed on Friday night, early Saturday morning.  Also, it's Roman Polanski. Otherwise, I really liked your other videos.

  3. Gosh I wish people would get their duckies in a row before posting this type of story. Uh, firstly, they were not on drugs. The prosecutor said there was no drugs because Charlie wanted them straight, knowing what they were doing. Secondly, Leno had a fork in his stomach but the knife was in his throat. Because there was a pillow case over his head, it was not seen until the coroner removed the covering. It became one of the secrets the police keep so they can rule out false confessions.

  4. Think about how inept the police must have been. Five people horribly murdered and the word pig written in blood at the first site, then two more people murdered with the word pig written again in the house. And it took them months to see the two crimes as connected? What, two many pig murders that they couldn't keep track? Stupid.

  5. I think norman is roman's twin brother lol god people do your research

  6. Good point! From Roman to Norman?!? If they're doin' a documentary . it betta be good!

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