Here’s the video about the best webseries from hollywood to watch on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video

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34 thoughts on “Must-Watch Hollywood Web Series | MetroSaga

  1. bro u missed the peaky blinders, its one of the best series . breaking bad and narcos is nothing in front of it . u must watch it

  2. Dark on Netflix is THE series to recommend. Idru munde bere ella tumba simple anstuhe

  3. Dark
    Person of interest
    Game of thrones
    Stranger things
    Breaking bad
    Better call Saul
    The witcher
    Rick and Morty
    The wire

  4. when you have watched the world's two best series ( breaking bad and GoT btw watched these two uncensored ) none of the other series really excites you or thrills you . but I'll definitely start watching 'money heist' and thank you for not mentioning The witcher coz it sucks

  5. last tym niu Netflix suggestions madadaga fauda suggest madi anta helona anta edde but i missed it…!! Next Same "Spy" it based on True Story of Israel agent suggest madi…!! i am sure you like it…!!

  6. Bossu money heist is quite a bit of overrated series 😶 you could have been recommended Peaky blinders 👍

  7. Hi. I think our taste matches.. all the shows you mentioned i have seen and are my favourites also… The best for me till now is Breaking Bad… Kudos..😀

  8. Breaking Bad!!😍
    And when they see us on netflix, it's a limited series of 4 episode based on a true story, do watch.

  9. Dexter is my personal favorite, Fargo season 1 and 2 amazing, you missed the mentalist, Hannibal, chernobyl, prison break etc, will check Bosch series

  10. Super gurugale ….one bonus recommend from my side "Dark " a German web series it's an outclass web series mind-boggling one..

  11. My List,

    Money heist
    Stranger things
    Mind hunter
    Chilling adventures of Sabrina
    Narcos Mexico
    The witcher
    I am not okay with this
    How to make a murderer (documentary)
    Sex education
    Locke and key
    Tiger king (documentary)
    Sacred games
    The family man
    Jack Ryan
    Breaking Bad
    Game of Thrones
    Prison Break
    Jessica Jones
    Iron Fist
    Luke Cage
    Better call Saul
    The outsider
    Peaky blinders
    Black mirror
    End of the fucking world
    Umbrella academy
    The boys

  12. Guru
    Peaky blinders,Wire,The Sopranos,True detective season1,Dark,Mr Robot,The Witcher,Vikings

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