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Tonight we will discuss Naughty Dog’s TAKEDOWNS and some other brainy legal stuff with

very special guest Nick Rekieta from @Rekieta Law !

The Comic Shop Crisis gets to a discouraging place. Birds of Prey, Dark Fate, Charlies Angels Supergirl (Film and TV), Batwoman, and Doctor Who have killed genre entertainment and the questioned has to be asked. Is corporate sponsored I.D. politics FINALLY at its end? YES! DISNEY LOSES 1.4 Billion and those Star Trek being sold rumors are still out there. All this and YOU!
Gary from @Nerdrotic
Jeremey @DDayCobra from @Geeks + Gamers
@Odin’s Movie Blog
@Comix Division
AZ from @HeelvsBabyface
special appearance from Peter Semeti from @Alterna Comics
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30 thoughts on “Naughty Dog is LOSING! Comic Crisis DENIAL! HERoric Hollywood FAILED! Superman RETURNS

  1. I've just finished my comic. Though I fear its 6 years too late! It's a "zombie apocalypse thing" which seems to have run its course 😔

  2. My parents are from China and America. There is a trade war in my blood! 🙁

  3. About the first Last of Us DLC: I didn't think it was that big a deal. The LGBT element of it was more supplementary than central. But, I can certainly agree that the in-your-face, overbearing LGBT theme in Last of Us 2 is a major issue. In the DLC, her sexuality is a minor part of her, adding to her depth. In part 2, her sexuality defines her, making her far more shallow.

  4. Gary, check out the Lyle Lovett song, "YOU'RE NOT FROM TEXAS (but Texas wants you anyway)".

  5. "I'm going to make it worth the trip"…Wise words from the master himself. It's crazy how many people in entertainment don't get that concept.

  6. Bad news, it seems Tom Shippy, legendary Tolkien scholar and author, has left the Amazon prodject due to "creative differences".

  7. If all the people that downvote that garbage don,t buy it then that is a loss of 5,640,000 dollars lost. With the current 94K.

  8. Leslye HEADland …. "My bullshit brings all the WOKE to the yard" …"I will preach to you, because I'am in charge".
    "La la-la la la, the WHAMAN, are waiting"…. Thanks butch, for your up lifting words. …How is you ex-boss doing?

  9. 1:49:55 I'm pretty sure CD Projekt Red is actually considered an indie studio since they have no publisher or something like that

  10. The Governor of sunny, …Nazi-fornia, …Adolf Newsome, …"You must have your papers!", "You will kiss my ass!".
    The brave and diverse people of, …The Republic of California,… response, …WAIT FOR IT………………….
    "Fuck you Adolf, and the swastika you rode in on!". To the people of California, WEG1WGA.

  11. Fortunately governor Abott is changing things so that won't happen again. The Lt governor offered to pay the ridiculous $7000 fine for her and be on home arrest for her just so she could go back to work. She's freed due to people standing up. This is why you guys need to keep turning those screws to those out there who work for us…period. Without customers or without those who can keep you alive with having a fandom then you're DOA. Keep it up…all of you!

  12. What happened to the "no politics" thing? Huge fan, but the screeds against Gavin Newsom are a distraction. Even if they are super short in relation to the rest of the show. I get why people are upset with the lockdown, but I don't come here to hear about that, not even for a few seconds.

  13. The creators and their followers have to go after YouTube also. YouTube is in on Sony's scam.

  14. Companies claim that upvotes are as good as sales/views, but downvotes do not harm. If investors are dumb enough to fall for that, they deserve what happens to their portfolio.

  15. The irony is Angry Joe IS an sjw! its why i unsubbed to him last year actually, i was subbed to him for awhile, used to love his content till i learned that about him. They struck down one of their own! lmfao

  16. Favereau shows he isnt an Alpha just look at the position he took in the movie Iron Man, he was Tony Stark's butler, that says everything because he moves into a beta to a real Alpha.

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