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“In post-World War II Hollywood, aspiring actors and filmmakers will do almost anything to make their showbiz dreams come true.” ~ Netflix Synopsis

The triumphant series ask the questions, what if people were allowed to be openly gay back then? What if Black women were allowed to be leading ladies on the big screen. What if Asians were allowed to by movie stars. What if women were allowed to be big studio executives. What if Black men were allowed to be big film writers. What if straight men were allowed to enter the business without being taken advantage of sexually by the powerful Hollywood elite. All of these questions and more answered in this series and in this review.

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47 thoughts on “NETFLIX: 'Hollywood' – If It Had Happened In Real Life

  1. Q I'm so glad you did this video because I wouldn't have watched had you not and it was EXCELLENT!! I watched in 2 days and it was an eye opener on what all races and creeds that aren't considered the American dream can still make it. Very powerful show!! Queen Latifah was excellent

  2. Ryan Murphy knows how to tell a story. He has all the imagination of a Disney Writer but uses it to fulfill adult fantasies and show opposing Veils to what your norm may be. There is not much that he does that I do not like.

  3. Eleanor Roosevelt’s push to have a Black woman lead a film was my favourite part. I’m usually not here for white women but she DID THAT as a true advocate.

  4. Don't forget themes mental illness with Vivian Leigh's bipolar disorder and interracial dating with the director and Camille.

  5. I want to thank you for doing this video. Had it not been for me scrolling on YouTube and coming across it a few says ago I honestly we ould probably not watched this series. When you said spoiler alert I had to go and check it out. I watched it in one sitting! It was an awesome show. Thank you. Some of the movie was based on actual facts. All in all it was a good watch.

  6. As an armchair historian I just don’t like when they take real people and ride roughshod over their true stories. Like with Rock Hudson bc we all know he was gay but his life didn’t go that way. They should have just created a character based on him like Ace studios or the Washington character. I do like a Ryan Murphy series. I appreciate the true life references he used here and know sometimes one has to adapt the truth to help a story along in shows, but he can’t just create a whole new biography for a real person. RH did not take his black boyfriend to the oscars and then starred in a gay film, but a character called RIck Hadsun could have. 🤷🏽‍♀️

  7. TV was considered low brow even film. I believe the stage actors were considered higher up

  8. I like how Ryan Murphy keeps close relationships and works with actors in his other productions. It reminded me of how Spike Lee continuously worked with repeat actors.

  9. Thanks Dineva for the turn on! I hadn't heard anything about this series until you did this review, I had ri check it out! It was an excellent film. It started off a bit scandalous but I understood the bigger picture (real life Hollywood). But I laughed and cried. Didn't know it was a Ryan Murphy nor was I expecting Queen Latifah neither. Great review! I enjoyed.

  10. I’ll admit when I finished the first episode, I was like “why isn’t Archie in the colored section? This is unrealistic!” Then I saw the title of the video title “What If” and I kept watching Hollywood with a “What If” mindset and I’m glad I did. This time has been pretty rough with the news of Ahmad and the corona so I’m glad I was able to find optimism. Thank you Dineva! This series was so good!

  11. Racist ppl are intimidated by black people #facts hence why they constantly have to put us down to feel better about themselves

  12. Sounds like this show comes highly recommended…..unlike BLACK AF 😂😅😂😅. I'll give HOLLYWOOD a chance & see what the FUSS is about.

  13. Just finished this series, it’s was really good! Like seeing the families of the characters and how they live vs Hollywood.

  14. One scene that really got me was when Camille shot a scene as a maid with her natural grace and dignity. Then the director had her re-do the scene with more of a "downtrodden" walk and stooping next to her white female employer. And he framed it as making the scene more humorous.

  15. Glad I wasn’t the only one who cried a bit. I was like damn. Was not expecting that

  16. Your comments on this film were exactly how I felt watching this series. I came across this series at 3am in the morning and I stayed up all morning and watched every single bit of this film. This was powerful and the storyline was beyond what you would imagine.

  17. im glad this was encouraging to some. bt this was just…depressing for me. like, a big ass fairytale. and would hv never ever happened in those times. they were only a generation or two removed from slavery. smh it was cute bt so unrealistic. beautifully done though.

  18. I was watching this mentioned spoiler alert. And so I stop the video. And found Hollywood on Netflix. Day late rd I'm back after binging. Loved the series. Ok. Now in ready for the review.

  19. I'm not apart of the LGBTQ community directly but this was great TV the FX ppl always get it right…this was very progressive even for today's standards…I watched this review and went home and watched 3 episodes…I'm finishing tonight. I never watch Netflix I got it for my kids…but you put me on Dineva😘😘😘

  20. Fun Fact: Cleopatra (1963) was originally suppose to be played by Dorothy Dandridge not Elizabeth Taylor but 20th Century fox execs wouldn't have it.

  21. This was one of the best pieces of tv I’ve seen in a while. I really like how it’ showed everything. A man trying to provide and compromising morals to do so. The deterioration of a marriage due to a dream and that toll on the other spouse. What gay people go through. What Asians go through. How certain people oppress others and they themselves are oppressed. It was just everything!!

  22. I also thought about the Avis as a Jewish woman they felt she couldn’t be a leading lady because she didn’t meet Hollywood’s standard of beauty. There were also Metoo movement undertones

  23. Tyler Perry please please take note about making great movies, shows, and investing your money into your craft. He needs a team, to watch these characters collaborate to make a film was just inspiring. The show was really good.

  24. Q can I just say you are such a gem because you are a thinker. You bring about a perspective that many should see but can't. You hit it on the head, it's not just a Black and White thing though, it is a HUMAN thing. We always try to make ourselves feel better by pointing out what another human lacks. So if one makes another feel inferior, he/she will always feel false superiority because he/she doesn't have to identify themself in you and they can always control the narrative about you so you remain inferior. I hope that makes sense.

  25. All I can say is I WISH I could have been around back then to be on front line’s,to picket along side my brothers and sisters of color ,it would have been an honor to be able to maybe just maybe opened one set of eyes

  26. I had to stop watching a couple days ago and go watch Hollywood,,,boy I’m so glad you sent me to watch it,THANK YOU THANK YOU 🙏💕❤️

  27. They was having sax with everyone for money. But it was good very interesting I watched all episodes.

  28. It was good, but it would have been better if it was realistic in the vein of color purple, in how the color purple lost every award they were nominated for.

  29. Good series. My only concern is the weaving of real life people with fictional characters. Taking extreme artistic license when telling a real person’s story. Younger people may not know what parts are true & what’s fake. I feel like it should have been completely fictional characters or completely biopic. I hope I’m explaining myself clearly lol. Good show though.

  30. WHen did Blacks hang whites? When did blacks create laws to disenfranchise them for EONS? Ill wait

  31. I binge watched the entire season today. I agree Q, it was BEAUTIFUL!!! It must have been good, my bf was into it too and no foo la la with me!!! 👍👍👍

  32. What did it do for them? It maintained their world view. The twilight zone expertly dealt with the question of true humans nature when faced with a challenge to world views

  33. I just love saying Tallulah Bankhead… it’s a fun name to say

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