Have you already watched the Hollywood TV series? It’s currently trending on Netflix and its actors are probably having the time of their lives because many of them have just become famous.

If you’re a fan of the Hollywood Netflix series, you probably want to know everything about its cast. Who are their real-life partners? How’re their personal lives? Watch this video to find out!

Darren Criss, who played Raymond Ainsley, recently got married. Click play to learn everything about his wedding and his new wife!
Laura Harrier, Camille Washington in Hollywood, seems to be dating a famous basketball player.

Samara Weaving, who portrayed Claire Wood, is already engaged. Did you know what her uncle is incredibly famous??

Patti LuPone, who played Avis Amberg, has been happily married for over 30 years!
Dylan McDermott, aka Ernie West, worked with Hollywood Ryan Murphey before and he used to be married for a long time, but not anymore.

Jeremy Pope, who portrayed Archie Coleman, is openly gay, but he seems to be single.
Jake Picking, or Rock Hudson in the series, is very quiet about his personal life.

Jim Parsons, who played Henry Willson, is married to Todd Spiewak and they’re happy together!
David Corenswet, aka Jack Castello, seems to be infatuated with dogs!

Holland Taylor, who portrayed Ellen Kincaid, is dating a very famous actress who’s much younger than her. Watch to find out who we’re talking about!

All Hollywood series real-life partners are revealed in this video, so go ahead and watch it!

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