ufo seen over the hollywood sign in los angeles… unbelievable! It looks like a neuro bottle!

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There have been other sightings!


50 thoughts on “neuro ufo over hollywood

  1. aliens are to smart to land in hollywood. they can see from far far away that it is the armpit of america.

  2. I have two honest ufos I've uploaded to my channel if you want to watch them. I filmed them myself and there no hoaxing involved. I became interested in ufos after I filmed my first one in 2005. Take a look and tell me what you think. Thanks.

  3. this is a marketing scheme for neuro goddammit i wish that a real UFO video had this many views

  4. Guys… this is a commercial for a drink. The UFO is in the shape of a bottle and the channels name is drinkneuro.

  5. guys, if you go to their website, the bottle is shaped the same exact way.. just an ad.

  6. UFO doesnt mean aliens…maye someone created an awesome new plane thing and noone knows what it is…ufo = unidentified flying object

  7. ATTENTION: The uploader of this video is "DrinkNeuro". I repeat, the uploader of this video is "DrinkNeuro". This is not a drill, this is an advertisement. I say again, this is not a drill, this is an advertisement.

  8. @orochikid HOW DARE THEY "thing" THAT! However, if this ship was identified, (someone knows what it is) it would not be a UFO.

  9. nice sign.. it says hollywood.. btw what is the point of the video? i have seen that sign before..

  10. the funniest thing of all is that this was posted on a UFO enthusiast site with the motto "the truth is within our grasp". yeah right, just goes to show you UFO people are full of shit and will believe anything.

  11. Yes we get that if we don't know what it is that makes it a UFO, but who the fuck doesn't know what a blimp looks like? -___-

  12. UFO= Undetected flying object NOT ALIEN SHIP, well could be
    thumbs up so people can see

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