[NEW] JURASSIC WORLD The Ride – FULL Ride & Review | Universal Studios Hollywood

Jurassic World – The Ride has officially begun “Technical Rehearsals” at Universal Studios Hollywood. Come with me to take a first look at “Jurassic World the Ride” at Universal Studios Hollywood!

Again, this is ONLY “Technical Rehearsals” some effects and animatronics may not be working to full potential yet.

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44 thoughts on “[NEW] JURASSIC WORLD The Ride – FULL Ride & Review | Universal Studios Hollywood

  1. Jurassic World – The Ride is officially OPEN under normal park operations as of July 12th!

  2. Yall be complaining about when i be like

    I wish i was there but thanks to corona no

  3. Something I don’t like about Orlando is that it copies
    This Hollywood is sooooo much better

  4. I love that they had the tyrannosaurs lower body, I didn’t like the way it was before with it just hanging there in mid air. Kind of destroyed the illusion.


  6. Yeaaaah, I want them to be closer to be scarier and more animatronics at the end/Predator's cove, like I want to feel chased by many of them like before but the aquarium section is amazing, I love it!

  7. Stop the ride as your going to t rex area have the thumping sounds of the t rex coming with water shaking like in the movie that'll bring the fear factor way up

  8. I heard the little girl screaming it was very funny when the T. rex came

  9. Me: gets stuck in Jurassic world ride form10 minutes (true story btw)


  10. This ride is soooo amazing 🎢 Can't wait to go back next May 2021! ☀️🥥🍍💕😍

  11. Defiantly a downgrade from the original ride. It had far better use of mist and lighting to create suspense and hide the short comings of the animatronics. I also feel the passing was more interesting, with the opening segment capturing the wonder and then a turn (literally and figuratively) to horror where the danger slowly grows culminating in the drop. On the new ride the Mosasaurus opening mostly falls flat, with a little suspense from the cracked glass. Then, after becoming peaceful with the stegosaurus, essentially nothing happens on the entrance to "predator" cove until you are headed up the ramp. On the original ride, you almost get crushed by a falling jeep and are attract by a couple deinonychus, and a sense of personal danger is implied by a couple of abandoned rafts. Once up the tower, where the original ride implies you are inside a building with support equipment which has been overrun, the new ride tries to depict an outdoor scene indoors… which does not look realistic. Where the original had predators emerging from the shadows ominously, the new one just has a menagerie of predators out in the open which conspicuously do not interact with each other.

    All in all, a very disappointing "update".

  12. This looks like they just retooled the old Jurassic Park ride with a new coat of paint. Disappointing.

  13. This virtually the same ride lol they just added Chris Pratt and made a little longer

  14. i went on this ride like 6 times in one day with my sister. the ride stopped and shut down for 15 minutes at the highest point in the ride (not before the big drop, but the one indoors with the 3 broken TVs)

  15. Good to see the trex looks… uh… less floaty but it could be all the shadows/camera work 😅🦖

  16. Great video! We just posted our first Universal Vlog including the new Hagrid’s Motorbike Adventure!

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