#NickAustin Speaks On His Relationship With #DariankaSanchez & Why She’s Not In The #HypeHouse 6.17.20 – TheHollywoodFix

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36 thoughts on “Nick Austin Speaks On His Relationship With Darianka Sanchez & Why She's Not In The Hype House

  1. Is it just me or is it that when Nick has one clothes he looks big but when have none on he looks thinnn thin

  2. I love how the TikTokers don’t get mad about the all the paparazzi. Nick didn’t look like he cared that paparazzi came up to them. He looked like he was kinda having fun

  3. I swear to god when he said: "There is a lot of other reasons" I was laughing like the evil queen, I swear I hate Darianka so much

  4. Dud I literally know why daryanka left
    Its because she was really sick as you could see in Thomas's vids

  5. Is it just me or do Darianka and Nick could be siblings or at least be related

  6. do you know the creator that will NEVER be cancelled? chloe ting . Our quarantine personal trainer

  7. The way his face turn red and him being shy was so cute I love him he's adorable and deserves better ❤

  8. Ok my thing is who tf bought this up about Darianka from two years ago like cmon now it was 2 years ago and Kenzie said she forgave her so and they was cool so like..

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