Meryl Streep, Paul Walker, Mark Wahlberg, Richard Gere, Matt Damon, Will Farrell, Anne Hathaway, Michael Douglas, Robert Pattinson, Robert Redford, Michael Fassbender, Patrick Stewart, Gerard Butler, Adam Sandler and many more talk about their trips to Norway and their relationship to Norwegians.
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38 thoughts on “NORWAY | What Hollywood STARS Really Think About Norwegians

  1. She can spot who is from sweden and who is from norway? We will put she name to the test..

  2. 13:45 RUSSIA NEVER INVADED NORWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY SAVED NORTHERN NORWAY!!!!!!!!! FUCK USA!!! IF U READ THE HISTORY BOOKS, USA PLANNED TO NUKE FINNMARK TO TAKE OUT THE SOVIETS THAT SAVED US!!!!!!!!!! JUST LIKE TODAY IN ANY WAR, LIBYA,SYRIA BLABLABLA, iRAQ! USA IS THE ENEMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. As a Norwegian, I really want to hear what our Dutch friends think about Norway. Since you are tiny. What do they tell you? That Amsterdam is looks amazingly flat?

  4. I highly doubt that people can tell Norwegians and Swedes apart, especially if you’re not from Scandinavia yourself

  5. Why am I not surprised that the cast of Grown Ups guesses that Norway was near Antarctica

  6. Tissefant?????? Wow!!! That's what you call a boy toddler's penis if you're his mother! Try kuk or pikk! Those words used to be bad slang and they are still in common use in dirty talk. But now you'll find them even in Norwegian dictionaries. Tissefant??? Hahaha… get out of here!!!

  7. Norway is breathtakingly beautiful!!
    No wonder it made a great impact on those in the video that had been there. Greetings from Sweden. 😊💕

  8. As a Swede I'm proud of Will Farrell.
    Not just because of him moving to Stockholm and really trying. But he adopted the good old "engage in Swedish, move to English when communication fails" that so many of us use when interacting with Norwegians 😉
    Jag skämtar såklart. 🙂

  9. I miss Paul Walker so much he played such a good role in the Fast and Furious.

  10. So fun to see these normal conversations, feels different than regular interviews. But your interviews are always good, too, of course.

  11. Norway actually makes it virtually impossible to for anyone but Citizens to live their by making it too expensive not to mention their immigration laws. So sure if your lucky enough to be born Norwegian than yeah you won the birth lottery. Otherwise fuck off is the message that Norway transmittes to the world. American expat living in Copenhagen Denmark. PS Norway and New Zealand will stand longer when the great darkness comes must be nice.

  12. To av de artigste skuespillerne som finnes er med jo!! Adam Sandler og Kevin James, fantastisk!
    Men hvor i alle dager var David Spade i geografi-timen på skolen, "øh, er Norge i nærheten av Antarktis?"
    Du kunne for eksempel svart: Norge ligger nært Arktis, men har også et territorialt krav på 1/6 av Antarktis som kalles Dronning Maud land og det er Norsk biland. Hvordan huske forskjell på Arktis og Antarktis? Se for deg en globus, du kan legge et ark på Arktis men det går ikke på Antarktis 🙂

  13. Well technically it's not wrong that Norway is near Antarctica,,, we have territory there. We're the only country with land in both the Arctic and Antarctica

  14. those says have been in oslo dosent have see anything of norway just only a city


  16. Paul: ''I love Oslo, very clean''
    Me '' Are we talking about the same Oslo?''

  17. damn, my heart kinda stopped when i saw Paul 🙁

    Takk for at du lager disse sammendragene, Kjersti!

  18. I have this theory that when Hollywood celebs visit Norway, and they want to be left alone from the press… They can just yell "I LOVE NORWAY" and the reporters will be like "That's it, that's our headline!". Then the next day the papers are like "Matt Damon says he loves Norway!!!" 😛 Our ego is easily inflated … 😉

  19. Would love to visit there someday, the country looks so beautiful and expensive haha : )

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