Ansel Elgort, Renee Zellweger, Kristen Wiig, Alisha Boe, Michelle Williams, Garrett Hedlund, and Laura Dern talk about their Norwegian roots. But does any of them speak Norwegian?

#NorwegianRoots #Hollywood #FlaawsomeTalk

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36 thoughts on “NORWEGIAN Hollywood Stars. Guess Who Speaks The Language …

  1. i kinda feel like the only norwegian person here is Alisha Bø hahaha, she actually shows some interest in Norway<3

  2. I LOVE Laura Dern but watching her claim to be Norwegian because she simply has a Norwegian grandmother was honestly a little embarassing to watch.. Just say you have Norwegian roots and leave it at that.

  3. If you haven't lived in Norway you do not at all have the slightest rights to call yourself Norwegian

  4. Others with Norwegian ancestry is: Pricilla Presley, Paris Hilton, Jennifer Conelly, James Cagney, Marilyn Monroe, Robert Wagner, Christine Teigen, Kimberly Matula, Eric Christian Olsen and many, many more

  5. I've been to Minnesota and I would get Americans come up to me and ask where I'm from, and they would always tell me they're Norwegian

  6. It breaks my heart when folks are shamed into not using their languages… Awful…

  7. hvis ikkje eg tar heilt feil, så er d vell fleir "Nordmenn" I Usa enn i Norge

  8. Typical American, I’m Norwegian but no I’ve never been there, and oh yes, my grandmother is from Norway. Sorry, you are NOT Norwegian, you are American.

  9. I still cant believe that Alisha Bo is norwegian 😯 I love her so so much!! ❤️

  10. My Great Grandmom drank coffee with her sugar cubes and Lefsa (I know I spelled that wrong) but Granny made the BEST!!!!

  11. The irony with norwegians “if you haven’t been born or lived in norway then you are not norwegian” bitch please my wife is half norwegian half korean and born in norway and lived her whole life here yet she never felt norwegian because of her asian features that she suffered much racism for that and never were treated as a norwegian by white norwegians. The point is no matter where you are you will always be treated accordingly to your looks. A black norwegian will always be looked as an immigrant especially in norway so shut the fuck up with your bullshit!

  12. If You weren't born in Norway or lived in Norway for some significant years of your life. you're not Norwegian.

  13. I'm ethnically half Norwegian and I've lived in Norway my whole life, therefor I feel very comfortable calling myself Norwegian. But these people got one grandparent from there that immigrated and haven't even been there before and I wouldn't say that makes you Norwegian. Sure, you are of Norwegian decent, but you're not Norwegian.

    Edit: There's a few of them that can be classified as Norwegian I must admit, but not the majority

  14. The only Norwegian celebrities I know of so far are the Olsen twins – their grandfather is/was norwegian
    and Dominic Purcell (Prison break) Half Norwegian and half Irish. I mean his middle name is Haakon Myrtvedt- A very typical Norwegian name.

  15. Actually I believe that I have seen somewhere that I might be related (far out in family tough) to Rene Zellweger, she have some relatives in a nearby city and so do I … there is some connections there tough. Anyway think its kinda cool.

  16. WHAT…I'm SHOOKEN…Andasoren right now in a good way. I liked this video yes!!!! 🙂

  17. I love how this video highlights the ignorance of Americans that even with a Norwegian parent they still cant be a**ed to learn their mother tongue! **sighs in Norsk (Vatnisse)

  18. About 800 000 Norwegians went to America by the "Amerikabåten"=" the America-boat" from around early 1800 to 1920. The ship went to Ellis Island-New York.During that same time around 2 million Irish people did the same thing.

  19. ""Im norwegian, But i have never been to norway.""
    Stfu!, If you havent been to norway you aren
    t norwegian. Just as my grandfather was german doesnt make me german and i havent been to germany.

  20. The only one is Alisha Bø. She is BORN in norway, have a PARENT from norway AND lived here for 7 years AND have no accent when she speak norwegian.

  21. Så hyggelig å finne videoer som dette! Visste ikke at noen av disse skuespillerne hadde norsk blod! Takk for videoene dine, og de koselige intervjuene 🙂

  22. Fy faen hvis noen er norsk og ikke har vært i Norge er du jo helt hjerne skada bare norske kan forstå🇳🇴

  23. Den Anita som Renee Zellweger snakker om, er ikke Anita Skorgan, men derimot Anita Hegerland.

  24. I am norwegian and whenewer i meet someone that is also from norway but i dont know that they are i always know they are øæå

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