8 thoughts on “Not Quite Hollywood Trailer

  1. For so many years afterwards it seemed EVERY damn Oz flick was situated in the outback despite the majority of us residing in coastal urban centres. Now urban pictures are only crime based. Oz films either really suck or are incredible and when the latter something special. Shout-out to all the risk-takers in film! <3

  2. Australia used to come out with awesomely gory movies like this yet their government feels a videogame like Mortal Kombat has to be banned.

  3. @TheHannahBurger as they said the government tried to prevent these movies from being shown overseas, and tried to remove them from aus' "official" cinematic history. the costs involved in movie making were constantly rising and the australian industry was gaining an increasingly bad name as the government started to financially support only culturally and socially sensitive movies that were "uniquely australian"

  4. The Aussies are the best at films!! The USA poaches al our actors. Horror is going to make a resurgence here.. I'm making my first feature length horror film.. hopefully out my Halloween this year!

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