Do you think Just Sam’s lucky box worked to get her through on American Idol 2020? Would YOU give her a tip?
Let us know below!

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35 thoughts on “NY Subway Singer Just Sam Brings Her Lucky Tip Box To Hollywood | Idols Global

  1. Congratulation Just Sam on winning American Idol 2020. I have a virtual gift for you. I drew your caricature and share on my channel. All the best for your singing career! 🙂

  2. Luck has nothing to do with it…..Luck comes from Lucifer, a game of chance, but her grandmother had the answer all along and it was prayer in the name of JESUS. God blessed her and there is no other explanation.

  3. JUST SAM, I DO NOT KNOW IF YOU READING . BUT CAN I SHARE A LITTLE ADVICE. Please Stop calling the judges Aunty and uncle. it makes you sound suck up and you can lose the key votes that you really need. the judges at this point are not the ones who will be sending you home. its the viewer. You have a great voice, Put on your game face and please do show that spoil side. American idol is temporary, this is a ticket to your future ( Get Serious )

  4. Love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you love you 😘😘😘😘😘go girl

  5. Please all American vote she ! She deserve to be Winner 2020! Just Sam,humble person and she sing with heart..

  6. I was looking at the clouds. In the air this time.❤️ Rooting for her and our star boy Dibesh. 🇳🇵

  7. Her version of this song was the first time I ever heard it and she made it totally her own. Best version

  8. I don't care how well she does specifically on Idol, but I want her to do well in this world.
    I hope for a bright future for her, because she's such a lovely soul and I want more people to see her, hear her and be around her!

  9. Can someone tell me when American idol release the next audition of author gun . I can't wait longer.

  10. I’m just crying 😢
    Very nice voice and amazing
    Make me feeling good
    We hope you will be a winner

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