Everyone is a fan of classic, old Hollywood stars. Stars that have spanned across generations. For example, Julie Andrews starred in the Sound of Music, but then for the newer generation is the beloved Queen in the Princess Diaries. In this video, we talk about old Hollywood stars and their age transformations then and now. Hollywood age transformations are always the coolest to see!

Actors and Actresses we go over include, Kirk Douglas, Olivia DE Havilland, Dick Van Dyke, Mel Brooks, Tippi Hedren, John Astin, Beverly Cleary, Jerry Lee Lewis, Christopher Plumer, Angela Lansbury, Bob Newhart, Betty White, Delta Burke, Raquel Welch, and Julie Andrews!

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34 thoughts on “Old Hollywood Stars: Then and Now (Age Transformations)

  1. In The Day, There were Movie Stars with Double Features and Intermissions to spend in Crowded Theatres..Today, it's a process to get you in and get you out..Just Sayin' !!

  2. You actually HAD to have talent back in the golden age. They acted, danced, sang. Today it's a joke mostly.

  3. Boy is this telling my age because I remember soooooooo many of these wonderful people Jerry Lee Lewis, Mickey Gilley, and Rev.Jimmy Swaggart are all first Cousins and if i remember right their Mother's are Sister's

  4. The Grandma of them all is Cicely Tyson. Come on now, you gotta say you know this Man!

  5. Many of the so called 'celebs' today are fake and shallow…. and too many of those who actually earned their fame misuse their platform to spew political rhetoric that opposed the vast majority of the moral population of this country.

  6. I think its the same yes anyone can have a youtube channel but to get big is hard. the with acting. well that's what I thought

  7. “Don’t lie who’s been a fan of Facts Verse before 2020?😇”

    (Read My Name💙)

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