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  1. Finally a video that actually explains clearly about how to do my hair and with what products! I keep watching hair tutorials but none of them helped me as much as this one! xx

  2. Me encanto, alguien me podría decir cual es la marca de la máquina para poder adquirirla, gracias

  3. Don't get me wrong but her face does kinda not match the hairstyle…it's vintage and her face is pretty modern but they look good and she's pretty tho but to match with the hairstyle i would change the make up a bit..

  4. Love love love your accent! And thank you for this wonderful tutorial. I am going to try to do this for my wedding:)

  5. Could be so good if you didn’t try and sell every second all the way through yeah you are meant to be showing your hair tutorial just feels like you’re selling to us maybe less selling and sharing your hair did look gorgeous

  6. I have been looking for the perfect hairstyle to have for my wedding next month and this video is a gem! I’ve already tried it and it’s amazing!!!!!!!! 😭😭😍😍😍 I will keep practicing so I get it perfect on the day 👍🏼👍🏼 . Thank you sooooo sooo much!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I finally found a video on curling the hair toward the face. Everyone says not to do this, but it’s gorgeous! Going to follow your video while I do my hair. Thank you!

  8. Your hair looks amazing 😉 just made a video on vintage curls, just in case you or anyone else watching wants to see mine

  9. I’m doing my hair this weekend for my anniversary date ❤️😍12-21-2019❗️❗️

  10. Thank you for sharing your beauty secrets! Great pointers that I had never known about before. You are stunning. Thank you for an awesome tutorial. 🙂

  11. Noooo Don't Brush those curls Nooooo…oh looks beautiful still. Nice vid love it

  12. Do you think you should wash your hair first and blow dry it? Or wash and blow dry the day before? Does it matter in terms of holding better?

  13. Absolutely loved watching this video..: so easy to follow and couldn’t help but notice how you were promoting this curler set – you must like it a lot!

  14. Hi 👋🏽 great video what’s the name of the wand and where did you purchase it in love 😍

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