You’ll be surprised to see the Hollywood stars who have given up fame to work a normal job! There are actually many celebrities out there who decided they were no longer interested in a life of fame and being on the big screen. Although these stars have likely already made millions of dollars, they’ve returned to a more humble lifestyle by working normal jobs like you or I. Even stars who were once obsessed with the spotlight can change.

In this video, we take a closer look at the celebrities who have quit Hollywood and returned to a simpler life. We’ll give you a brief highlight of their time in Hollywood, such as the movies or television shows they starred in. Then, we’ll take a look at what they are up to today. Spoiler alert: they’re working regular jobs! Let us know in the comments which of these celebrities surprised you the most!

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40 thoughts on “Once a Hollywood Legend, Now Working a Regular Job

  1. My childhood goal, meet and marry Winnie Cooper.
    My adult goal, wait until Winnie Cooper meets me and wants to marry me.

  2. I like them where they are, beautiful examples of you can do anything your heart desires. Acting is hard work. But life is harder. It's real!!!

  3. You forgot to mention Catherine bell is Cassie Nightingale on the series good witch Which just updated on Netflix so she's not done acting yet

  4. Your research is so thin! Danica McKeller is in many Hallmark movies – or don't they count?

  5. Title is kinda misleading, a lot of these actors are still acting but these other jobs they are taking on are more like second/side jobs. They haven't stopped acting completely, like full stop. Tony Danza is still acting and was recently on a TV show

  6. Sometimes fame isn’t what you seek but it seeks you. You can turn it down and live a normal life. I don’t have that choice. Lol

  7. today Kirk Cameron is a piece of shit creationist asshole trying to brainwash people into his stupidity, never liked him and probably never will.

  8. I actually know who the hell Winnie Cooper is… Winnie frickin' Cooper? Damn, I'm old.

  9. How the fuck can this narrator speak English and yet, mispronounciate so many words and names?

  10. Kid from Close Encounters works (as of 20ish years ago) in Alabama. Salesman, I wanna say either cars or insurance…I don't remember.

  11. A film star thatgave it up to begin peddling books on magic and fairy tales. Tsk tsk Kirk

  12. You took all this from another Channel didn't you? Either that or it's another freaking repeat!!!

  13. Kirk Cameron knew that once he got to a popularity or a certain payment for his acting you have to do some pretty satanic things to stay in the business.HE chose wisely to get out!!!!

  14. If you believe that Ashton Kutcher is all about saving the children you better think again!!!!! he has left so many clues about who he really is that if you miss them all then you know it's time you wake the hell up!!!!

  15. Who else is a true fan of Fact Verse Before may

    (just posted out a new funny gameplay tell me what you think)

  16. it'd be good to see lucy loo back again but these people look pretty happy where they are , so keep up the good work u people stick to your true passions and good on ya's …

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