Welcome to Carnage Counts, where we count and compare death in television shows and movies! Today we are covering Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood!
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44 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood (2019) Carnage Count

  1. almost at the end of the movie
    Well it had some blood but it doesnt really feel like tarantino's tou-
    house figh-slaughter scene
    Oh fuck this is brutal but it still lacks th-
    girl is burnt alive in a pool with a flamethrower
    Ok alright it is a tarantino movie

  2. No one notice the label on the dog food "good food for mean dogs" and the pic of the dog growling lol

  3. Hate Tarantino, I find his movies to be arrogant and the people who jerk him off just as arrogant, however I thought this movie was a masterpiece

  4. At 6:15 Brad goes “Oh man. Right in the face “. And he later kills that girl by smashing her face in. And he was referencing a shotgun blast to kill a guy. Doesn’t Rick Know he accidentally shot his wife with a underwater shotgun??

  5. The redheaded girl was pretty but she was evil. Exactly when did she die, after the first face-thrust, the 2nd, or what?

  6. I just noticed that when I listen closely I can hear music From a game during the Bonus.

  7. The flamethrower death is the funniest shit I’ve ever seen. Even better because she completely deserved it.

  8. Day was saved by two guys. A badass high on acid and a movie star and his flamethrower? ITS BRILLIANT THATS SO TARANTINO. Not to mention soo much feet!

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