Once Upon a Time in Hollywood to star Leonardo DiCaprio & Brad Pitt for Tarantino! Chris Hemsworth to star in Men in Black spin-off!

Beyond The Trailer host Grace Randolph gives you the latest movie news today! Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood will hit theaters in 2019 starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, Brad Pitt as Cliff Booth and Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate. Chris Hemsworth is in talks for the Men in Black spin-off to be opposite a black actress! Be sure to make Beyond The Trailer your first stop for movie and entertainment news here on YouTube today.

Black Panther Meet & Greet

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – 00:42
Hemsworth Men in Black – 4:13
Ansel Elgort Musical – 7:42
Viewer Question – 9:31

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42 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood 2019, Chris Hemsworth for Men in Black Spin-Off

  1. Grace i have been watching your show since 2016 and been loving it since then. While i know you do movie news and reviews, I wonder if you can also review toys or other media like games. It sounds ridiculous and im only saying it for the giggles,but you have such a fun and professional way of saying things even when taking about toys and video games that it makes me wonder what if you looked at them. I mostly say this as a joke but who knows. Love your work Grace and continue the great work👍😄👍.

  2. Hi 👋🏻 Grace.
    Another good episode; especially your viewer question answer explaining Disney’s vertical business spread… 🙂 a well machine… 🙂
    *excited about MIB spin-off 😎🤓

  3. August 9th release date for once upon a time in hollywood – 9th august is the anniversary of the tragic murder of sharon tate and 4 others – if he doesnt do it right that could be a bad decision.

  4. This is the one place where I don’t agree with you. I think the Schwartz musical will be fantastic. I mean, I’m a child of the theatre so maybe I’m a little business, but there’s a large demographic for this composer’s music. He did music for Disney on Broadway and Wicked, one of the most successful Broadway shows of all time, and I think that fame plus Ansel Elgort’s fame will be enough to draw in people. I know I’m excited

  5. I disagree about Ansel Elgort Musical! Stephen Schwartz has a long history in writing sophisticated and successful musicals. His music also has a magical and timeless quality that would fit well in a fairytale setting.

  6. Grace, you crazy person, of all the things to be skeptical about you pick Stephen Schwartz???

  7. Damn, the amount of backlash over Chris Hemsworth being in MIB is unbelievable, though personally, I'm also up for him in MIB, he's really great when it comes to comedy, and I think Thor has made him improved as an actor (I thought he was really good on In The Heart Of The Sea, haven't seen Rush yet), so we see how it does

  8. Im excited for Ansel Elgort to be Hans Christian Anderson! I love The Little Mermaid, especially the original, I read that he wrote The Little Mermaid due to him being in love with another man, I hope they touch upon this in the film. Seeing how much of The Little Mermaid is in the film and how popular the movie is, I wonder if it will make Disney speed up or slow their own live action The Little Mermaid production.

  9. Now Tarantino making a mass culture heroe of Charles Manson, you right, only in Hollywood had this double moral. In the premier the first seats are for the me too movement with the card – Learn and shut up- ?, Tarantino is an idiot.

  10. Tiffany H would ruin Men in black. She is not funny and annoying. I agree with Grace. I want a different black actess.

  11. I don't know if F. Gary Gray can handle comedy films; since he's used to such serious films as "Friday"…

  12. Having a white duo star in MIB wouldn't be "white washing", especially since Will Smith's role was originally intended for David Schwimmer – who turned it down.

  13. Anyone from Australia knows that Hungry Jacks is the better McDonalds! 😂👍

  14. But just tell me that Ansel Elgort wouldn’t be perfect to play Fiero in a Wicked movie. For a split second I thought it was finally happening, but I guess not

  15. Is Jada Pickett-Smith too meta for MIB? 😅 Tarantino's one of my favorites unfortunately, and with Pitt? Leo? Serial killers in Hollywood??? #TAKEMYMONEY

    Great analysis👌

  16. Janelle Monae just came out with a new single and an album is soon to follow, I don't think she's focused on acting right now. They'll probably be a tour with this album also

  17. Grace, just wanted to compliment you on your lighting set up. The Angel eyes effect is sublime!

  18. Love u so much grace. You say some out of pocket things sometimes that I very much disagree with but at the same time u constantly entertain&inform me&I legit love u for it. So thanks for doing what u do. I appreciate it.

  19. Lol are you just gonna continue to call ansel elgort should have been Han Solo elgort

  20. Who are the people who dislike the videos of grace.. What is there to dislike.. She's just updating news..

  21. Hey, Grace! I have a question that relates to the three stories (if only I had thought of it earlier). How do these bigger actors/actresses (like Leo, Brad, and Chris) get cast in projects? Do they have to audition for roles or do they just get projects brought to them to sign on, or is it a little bit of both? I've always wondered this and would love if you could answer. Thanks for all the great videos, Grace, and keep up the good work!

  22. Grace i have a question! can you explain the difference between the oscar for sound editing vs sound mixing? Always been curious about this if you can break it down. thanks for your amazing work as alwayssssss!!

  23. When I go to McDonalds? Is that a joke? Who eats that junk?…and who would bring their kids there?

  24. It would be nice if healthier restaurants beside 'death valley' McDonald's and Burger King advertised toys and movie merchandise to people.

  25. Hi Grace! VIEWER QUESTION: So, there was a test screening for Aquaman last week, and apparently it was overall a positve reaction. My question is, why is Warner Bros. delaying the release for another year? Marvel just announced that Infinity War will come out earlier, and I understand they don’t want to release Aquaman near Infinity War, but shouldn’t WB do the same if they want to remain in the race? Why wait until December if they’re close to being done with the film? Thanks for the great content. Love your vídeos. Greetings from Portugal 🙂

  26. But is Tarintino personally choking or stabbing Margot Robbie? That's the important detail.

  27. I thought the Ansel Elgort news would be him playing Fiyero in the upcoming Wicked film adaptation, which I would be all for. (I mean, Fiyero is probably supposed to be a bit more, uh, dreamy? Princely? But considering the ages they should go with in casting, he'd be great.) This, though? Meh. Interesting plot, but it feels like Into the Woods, in terms of being this fanfiction-like mishmash of a bunch of fairy tales. The music would be good considering his credits aside from Wicked, but I think what makes Pasek & Paul's soundtracks – namely Greatest Showman – so good is the fact that they aren't so theatrical; they sound more like radio-ready pop songs. They maintain the theatricality, but add some instruments and maybe change who's singing to someone more pop-oriented and you could easily here any of the songs on the radio. Schwartz doesn't have that quality in his music. It's good, but it might not be as popular among non-musical fans.

  28. Ooh I totally agree Grace! Janelle would be amazing for MIN and I so want to see her in more films!

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