Get a full month of MUBI FOR FREE: (With the support of Creative Europe – MEDIA Programme of the European Union) | Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie) has a wild ending that suggests movies can right historical wrongs. Why did Quentin do what he did? In this video, we take on how the movie’s surprise ending gets at the essential stories we tell ourselves. If you like this video, subscribe to our channel or support us on Patreon:

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20 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Ending Explained

  1. Awesome piece! Thank you all :). I'll get MUBI as soon as I have access to all my riches … or at least a few buck, heeheehee. 😘

  2. hahaha… thank dog it no longer happens in hollywud or any other wuds … hahaha

  3. Paid for it with there lives that night for the lack of a few guns, A shotgun with some buckshot would have settled the issue, and Sharon's child would have a life. You never need a gun till you really need one badly! I always have one on my person.

  4. Margot Robbie was phenomenal in this movie. She was so endearing and full of life, and it makes you mourn the real Sharon Tate even more.

  5. Tarantino is a child who produces CARTOONISH GARBAGE FOR CHILDREN. …. No one has contributed more to the dumbing down of the Cinematic Artform. …. Elmore Leonard's brilliant novel Pulp Fiction was a very lucky break for this terrible dumber-than-shit HACK Director.

  6. But brad pitt character is a wife killer I’m not sure why tarrintino chose this for the character.

  7. the only bad scene on this was the manson family chat inside the car. damn that girl wasnt intentionally overacting, shes just fucking awful. the dialogue was ridiculous

  8. Sharon Tate was a major character? Please! Tate was so extraneous in this, you might as well have left her out of it.

  9. In the end the "hero" Rick burns up one of the Manson girls who isn't even threatening him. It was his stunt double who did all the hard work, but the actor gets the glory.

  10. Maybe the moral of the movie was the real Sharon Tate should have owned a couple of pit bulls.

  11. Thank you Tarantino for explaining hollywood isn't real…
    Now go march with BLM and incite violence with your hate speech against cops.

  12. 9:00 I've been a follower and admirer of Bruce Lee since I was 13, and while, unlike Shannon Lee, I didn't dislike the scene, but I thought the dialogue was inaccurate to how Bruce actually spoke. Michael Moh did an awesome performance, despite the material he was given.
    Just my 5 cents.

  13. So many layers to this movie and the Tarentino universe most people won't get it.

  14. Cast members take props home all the time. Clothes, works of art, boots, decorations. But a flame thrower? Hell, why not some live hand granades, machine guns, bazookas, and land mines.

    When Tarantino does Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, Part 2, Rick and Cliff, discover a bunch of Nazi and Japanese war criminals living the good life in LA. Christoph Waltz and Al Pacino play good guys who help track down the bad dudes. The bad guys would end up massacring each other, using Rick and Cliff's stolen movie props.

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