Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Final Scene Breakdown! How does Once Upon A Time In Hollywood (2019) compare to Quentin Tarantino’s other recent films like Django Unchained (2012) and Inglorious Basterds (2009)?
SPOILERS ahead! Stop reading if you haven’t yet seen Once Upon A Time in Hollywood!
Once Upon A Time in Hollywood centers around the infamous murders of Sharon Tate and others by the Manson Family in 1969. But how does Quentin Tarantino change the history of that night? What is the TRUE HISTORY of Charles Manson’s and his followers’ roles in the murders, and why was the crime such a historically significant moment? Erik Voss breaks down the climactic ending of Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and how the dramatic twist was foreshadowed in subtle ways throughout the film. How does the Once Upon A Time in Hollywood movie connect to films like Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill in the Tarantino Cinematic Universe?

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28 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ENDING EXPLAINED! (Tarantino Timeline!)

  1. I am old enough to remember the Sharon Tate murder. It was, as was said, horrific. The press spared no ink in describing in great detail what happened to that poor woman.I went to see the movie with friends not knowing what it was about. My sense of dread increased when I realized what was unfolding. I sat there with my hands ready to cover me eyes and my forefingers ready to place in my ears as I contemplated how graphically Tarantino would portray the evisceration of Sharon Tate. The sense of relief I experienced was enormous. Once upon a time indeed. If only it could have ended that way in real life.

  2. I put off watching this movie for a long time. I remember reading all about the murders and had no desire to revisit that horrible event. I was cheering when the ending played out. My only sadness was when I thought Cliff was killed. But then I cheered again. Loved this movie! I don't know how anyone could appreciate this movie without knowing the history though.

  3. I was really glad when Cliff had survived Spahn's Ranch but I still felt so uneasy coming to the end of the film, knowing what (I thought) was going to happen. Then we get an amazing Tarantino sequence, which I don't think anyone else would dare to pull off. Superb climax!

  4. In context: the ending is a fictional idea of how the three people from the Manson family were killed instead of depicting their victory in the end. An avenged ending indeed.

  5. watched it last night and really enjoyed this more than almost any other Tarantino film, great stuff!

  6. Should have had the twinkie truck pull up in the driveway right at the end and then cut straight to black.

  7. Amazing job on this video!
    I watched a couple others and they did not explain any of the history and how it related to the movie.
    Loved this video, it explained everything!!!

  8. I’m so pissed I fell asleep while renting this off my Xbox, I never finished it LOL

  9. I remember the actual murders very well… like it was yesterday. What a waste to innocent lives who didn't even know why before the slaughter. Like many at that time, I was a 19-year-old totally in love with Sharon Tate. I wish it had turned out like the movie, but this really was like Hollywood's way of getting revenge. This is a movie I'll watch several more times, wishing it had turned out that way in real life.

  10. And, by the way, who chose this photo? Alright, I have a double chin. Alright?



  11. The hippies are the Democratic Party today.
    Thomas Sowell has suggested a military coup.

  12. Makes you wonder if the men of that house would have just fought back. Lamps, chairs, anything can be a weapon. Never just go quietly begging for your life. Fight for it.

  13. 6:02 Cliff did NOT get the acid dipped cigarette FROM Pussycat…it was a DIFFERENT brunette hippie. Go watch the movie again. Please. 🙃

  14. I really liked this movie. Thought the cinematography was beautiful too. It was a beautiful film with a great story.

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