Eric Shane Rick and Aaron react to and discuss the 2019 Quentin Tarantino Movie – Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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49 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – MOVIE REACTION!!

  1. If there's one film that's on my list that I recommend people, It's Django Unchained. That movie is incredible.

  2. In real life, a family friend/stuntman was among the killed by the Family that night. I went in thinking Pitt was getting off'd at some point lol

  3. Tell that small guy who found the Bruce Lee portrayal "offensive" that minutes later he was talking about how much he hates "fucking hippies". Tell her she's a hypocritical little snowflake with no self awareness. I could also see her bristling at the racial slurs used about Mexicans. Anyway, she gets offended because it's about her but then says offensive shit about "fucking hippies". Someone make her aware.

  4. One of the few times I actually welcomed revisionist history when it came to the ending. If only that had actually happened to the real Manson cult members instead of what really transpired.

  5. At first I thought it was a pretty good movie…after the 3rd time seeing it I realized what a masterpiece it is

  6. The scene in the movie where Leo freaks out in his trailer was improvised by him. They left the camera rolling while he started that tantrum and just let him do it. So awesome.

  7. In every movie reaction video its always obvious who already seen the movie and want his friends to see it and get a reaction.

  8. I thought a lot of things about this film, some of it good and some it less good but the only thing that I thought was absolutely terrible in this film was the bullshit Bruce Lee bit. Get the fuck out of here with that.

  9. This so far is my favorite blind wave movie reaction! I seriously can't keep a straight face watching Aaron crack up haha this was 10/10 great stuff!!

  10. When Cliff first sees Pussycat, the tension just keeps slowly building and building to an almost unbearable point.

  11. I completely agree with Eric. I wanted to love it as a fan of Tarantino and 60s history, but it's just okay to me. It just felt like a missed opportunity in a lot of ways to me. It's definitely a good movie, but not one I'll revisit like Kill Bill or Reservoir Dogs.

  12. Am I the only one who finds this movie so boring until the part where brad pitt goes to the farm

  13. There is a mid credits scene that you missed because you turned off the film. It's funny, but not necessary.

    Cliff getting away with killing his wife(if he actually did it, since we don't see it happen) is based on a real story around the time period the movie is based in. Some famous actor was suspected, or still IS suspected, of killing his wife or girlfriend in a similar situation. I forget their names I'm sorry, but you can find the info out there in one or more of the articles written about this film.

    Oy…the Bruce Lee scene…

    Originally, Cliff was supposed to soundly beat him. Brad Pitt himself vetoed that, which is why it ends in a draw.

    In real life, Bruce Lee did not say he'd kick Clay's(Ali's) ass. He was on record as saying Ali would whoop HIS ass. A few of his friends have said so over the years.

    The comment about Joe Louis was ridiculous because Bruce trained with that guy for a while. Joe Louis himself says so in interviews you can find here on YouTube that were done years before this movie even started filming. It might have been around the same time he trained with Chuck Norris, I'm not sure.

    Shannon Lee, Danny Inosanto, and I think one or two other people(not including Lee's immediate family) were pissed off about the scene. Shannon took it a step or two further than that but thankfully nothing too serious came of it.

    I'm a really big Bruce Lee fan. I thought the scene made him look like a big of a blowhard, almost a joke. Thought it was disrespectful, not to mention Bruce Lee wouldn't fight like that. A running jump kick? Really😂? The guy wasn't stupid, come on now.

    Now to be fair, Bruce Lee was cocky at times. You can find a phone conversation here on YouTube that he had with Dan Lee, where he refers to Wong Jack Man as a bullshit artist, and says that he has never lost a challenge in the United States. He was admittedly hotheaded. In the latest biography called "Bruce Lee:A Life", there's an account of him threatening to stab a business associate during a dispute. Guy was no saint, lol.

    I still think he was misrepresented in the film.

    That said, it's Tarantino's film. He has said he's a big fan of Lee in the past. This portrayal of him certainly brings that into question, but it's his right to make the film how he sees fit. I'm not turning my back on him now because he did one thing I didn't agree with in over 20 years. I love all his films, this one included.

    And before anyone might say so, I completely get that the scene is meant to help show how badass Cliff is, to make that classic ending more believable. I just think they could have done it without ridiculing Bruce Lee.

  14. Honestly, I think this movie is a pretty great intro to people who don't like movies that break typical plot structure.

  15. Me- reads up on the Manson story cause I didn't get the ending
    Also me- this movie is fucking amazing

  16. It’s a crime that this movie didn’t win best picture I don’t usually get too into awards but you’re telling me some Korean movie was better then this… yea right

  17. When i watched this movie in the theater, i was waiting on the classic Tarantino action scenes in the movie. It happened at the end and it was great lol

  18. The ranch scene… the montage is amazing,, sad they didnt won that award too..

  19. Please react to 1917. It’s one of the best movies I’ve seen in a long time. It’s truly incredible!

  20. Just an FYI the hippie that Brad Pitt beats up at the ranch in real life killed a stuntman

  21. Nice job one of the best reactions so far and I've seen a lot. I loved this movie so much. Thank you so much you know I had to subscribe to your Channel

  22. Cassius Clay was literally a hundred pounds heavier than Bruce Lee. If he got a single good hit, I don't think even Bruce could take it. They were both fast MF'ers though, IDK who would really take the W.

  23. Once Upon A Time In Hollywood is Tarantino jacking off to the 60s and it is fucking great.

  24. Jackie Brown isn't his very first

    Also this isn't Tarantino's 10th movie, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2 were supposed to be one but the studio Split it into two parts.

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