Chris Stuckmann reviews Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Brad Pitt, Margot Robbie, Al Pacino, Margaret Qualley, Dakota Fanning, Timothy Olyphant, Kurt Russell, Luke Perry, Maya Hawke, Damian Lewis, Emile Hirsch, Mike Moh. Directed by Quentin Tarantino.


31 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood – Movie Review

  1. enjoyed your review. I think you missed the purpose of Margot's character. Her life as an actress is just beginning. Everything is new. No bad anything. Just the joy of being a part of this mega thing called Hollywood. Leo's character is at the possible end of his. and you see how at that point there is so much baggage. We see how it all can go from the HIGH to the LOW that so many actors go through. They are to sides of a coin.

  2. the movie wasnt bad. but it was the worst tarantino movie for me. if i didnt know it was a tarantino movie, i wouldnt have guessed that he was the director.

  3. I don't think you understood this movie! It is most definitely NOT about "nothing." It's about the arc of a Hollywood career, two arcs, actually; the has-been and the one that might have been. And if you didn't know what actually happened at Spahn Ranch or on Cielo Drive, perhaps you wouldn't feel tension, I suppose, but if you have any knowledge of the history, the tension was extreme. And yes, it was funny, too. I think you need a re-watch.

  4. The only thing that annoyed me about the movie were the feet shots. I'm not a feet person and i don't want to see someone's feet like they do in this movie. It's gross. Other than that it was pretty good

  5. Can anyone agree with that it was very boring and many of the dialogues didn't make sense ?

  6. i didnt like inglorious bastards how he changed killing hitler, i didnt like how he portayed bruce lee OP his fictional character, so yeah i knew how it was gonna end, brad pitt beating them all by himself, the acting is incredible, superb in a fantasy world of taarantino that just end up in, it would feel good to kick those hippies ass.

  7. Don't get snowed. This movie was the long, boring waste of time you suspect it to be. Also…how does the star of a movie win the Best Supporting Actor Oscar?

  8. Well, alright, even though I risk to get tagged as a heretic here, I have to say, that this movie to me was…okay – ish….and weirdly inconsistent, almost….senseless, concerning some story arcs….I could delve into the substance now, but the flick is just not important enough to me. "Inglorious Basterds" was an absolute masterpiece, but this one….just think it hadn't been made by Tarantino – how is it perceived then? So, it's obviously important, WHO does a film…but for me, it's a pretty mediocre semi-comedy, which doesn't have much interest for its own characters and with a lot of stuff leading nowhere or that isn't even needed to show or tell anything – and concerning the craft, Tarantino himself has done FAR better things, and there are many other directors out there, that do much better – Ari Aster, to name just one…so, in conclusion, I think that even Tarantino-Fans (which I consider myself to be) will be a little bit disappointed by this one, and,yes, it hurts to say, but I think it's his worst film so far….

  9. Honestly I do respect all of your Opinions and points but I don't even know why did they make this Movie it's just nonsense 🤔 and I just didn't get the fucking Message and actually I didn't enjoy it somthing is missing in this one.

  10. Parasite is funnier than this movie and it’s not even a comedy. Hollywood is trash

  11. I LOVE the fact that you never truly find out whether Booth killed his wife or not…

  12. I had no idea the movie was based on a true story. At the end I thought that it's about Hollywood stars being assholes and not caring about the lives of ordinary people. Watching this review and reading the comments made me research the story of sharon tate's death and it completely changed my view of the movie.

  13. Did you guys know Tarantino cast Uma Thurmans daughter in the movie? Shes the one who forgot the knife in the car.

  14. Watched this movie blind not knowing a damn thing aside from the fact that it had leo in it. After it began to roll and sae names and faces it made some sense. Literally had no idea what it was about before sitting down. Very interesting experience.

  15. I suppose a person would have to be of a certain age to appreciate the build up to the Manson murders. I was only 2 years old when it happened, and I am from TN, but those murders were so horrific that it cast a dark shadow all over the whole nation, nay- the entire world. It was something that my family just did not speak about, and when something came up on the news about it, my Mother would sob quietly. My WWII Navy Vet Grandfather loathed the mention of a "no good hippie/gypsy", and as I grew up and learned of what happened, I understood why. It was this tear in modern day polite society. It was the very worst horror movie come to life. It is why the world turns a blind eye to any idiosyncrasy, legal or illegal, that Roman Polanski may, or may not, be guilty of perpetrating- after what was done to his wife and unborn child. You have to understand this, in your gut, in your bones marrow, to know how Quentin was playing with the audience's emotions- like they were on a yo-yo. This movie just absolutely blew me away, perfection. The alternate ending was like a gift to me. A wonderfully violent and bloody gift that makes all things right in the world, like only a fairytale ending can! "A+"

  16. I was about to say I disliked this movie because it was a random string of events. But damn it was so entertaining I loved it 😂

  17. “It’s a very very funny movie.”
    Said about this movie….no one but yourself.
    I get it you can’t say shit about this movie with out some fans yelling “you don’t know movies” or some shit.

    Not an honest review buddy. This movie is shit.

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