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Here’s a new segment I’ve wanted to do for awhile. Reviewing a film in-depth and with spoilers upon second viewing in the style of my analyzed reviews. Often times our opinions can change when seeing a film a second time, sometimes for better or worse. Let’s see how Once Upon a Time in Hollywood holds up.


38 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood – Second Viewing

  1. Everyone tries to say the contrary, or something like that, but, me going in with little to no knowledge of the Manson murders left actually knowing what happened. And I feel that that’s not said enough

  2. One of the biggest laughs I’ve ever had came from the finale of this movie.

    “And you are?”
    “I am the devil. And I’m here to do the devil’s business.”
    “… Nah it was dumber than that, something like Rex?”

  3. Doesn’t Tarantino have one more movie planned before he retires? I saw Kill Bill vol. 3 on IMDb so that’s gonna be good.

  4. The song from the animated 70’s Spider-Man was sampled by Necro who also appears in Goodtime. Listen to his music at your own discretion. Ha

  5. C'mon dude, it's so obvious you're nitpicking on the good stuff to try and make this movie sound like a masterpiece. It was not one.

  6. My favorite lines from the movie.
    – Is everybody okay?
    – Well….the fucking hippies aren't, for sure.

  7. Hidden exposition is no more evident than when Cliff goes to Spahn Ranch.
    There was a stunt man named Shorty Shae who went to the ranch in 1969 and was never seen again; till they found his body in 1977. The guy Pitt punches was Steve Grogan, the guy who killed Shorty.
    Knowing that, the relief felt as he just drives off is a "once upon a time" moment.
    It is revisted in the end, in a big way, when we see Sharon Tate live.
    It feels good as the credits roll that Shorty and Sharon lived. But then the realization that both are dead and it was just a movie. Once upon a time, marvolous!

  8. Old fashioned or not, the movie is very mediocre. Not bad but nothing special. It looks good, that's right but that doesn't make a good movie. Tarantino is just not a movie director, he's a scene director. And this movie is a sequence of scenes glued together bij Pitt driving cars. I have seen it 3 times hoping I had missed something. But unfortunately no. I think Tarantino is a very overrated director.

  9. I didn't like this movie 😔 I loved the gory end Tarantino style and the picture was beautiful but the scrip was just bad.
    I mean it could had been "that movie" but is not good it's just hollywood shit like the avengers.

  10. WOW you really did a great job on re reviewing this movie! Had to subscribe. Is this how cults are formed.

  11. I had to dislike the video for one second to get to 500 dislikes and then like the video after

  12. Chris, my question though is this: didnt sharon tate's sister beg and plead with tarantino to not include what happened to her poor sister, even if it was fantasy driven? And he basically ignored her wishes?

  13. The emperor has no clothes. This is Tarantino's worst film. The fact that it was nominated for best picture is a joke. Everyone is so high on Tarantino that they take a bad product from him and talk about how brilliant it is because it's Tarantino. If it were anyone else, they would tell the truth and tell you how awful it is. This movie was not very funny. There were funny moments sure, but they were few and far between. Margo Robbie was a complete waste in this film. Just a whole bunch of nothing. It may be a "love letter to 60's cinema" but it is so uninteresting and boring that it doesn't justify all this crap. Also, I find it really sad that Chris fanboys so hard for Pitt and DiCaprio. He says he could watch a whole show of them just talking about it. You do know that these are just people like you and me, right? There's nothing special about them other than they are popular actors. One last gripe: Tarantino sets up something in this film (A question of whether Pitt's character killed his wife) but doesn't ever resolve it. We have no idea if he really did kill his wife or what happened there. Just so completely pointless. Now, let's have all the film snobs come in here and tell me how uneducated I am and that I don't understand film or some crap like that. Knock yourselves out, but I'm not gonna even look at this again. It's just not worth my time, just like this movie wasn't worth my money.

  14. The fact people are liking this turd of a movie makes me hate it even more. Especially when the only praising is stupid bullshit like "hidden exposition". Who the fucks cares if the story sucks ass? There was no fucking plot and you cunts are praising it. I guess you all love staring at blank walls.

  15. Hey Chris, please do an 'analyzed review' for any of Paul Thomas Anderson's full length movies. Phantom Thread, Magnolia, or Master would be my top three picks, but hearing your analysis on anything from him would be fantastic.
    Thanks for what you do. Cheers.

  16. Final 30min were ok except that we know how it went down in real life. That sucks.

  17. 78minutes in I was so fucking bored. Only a couple of scenes were good by that point.

  18. Most of the second act was so bad I stopped it several times and went to do something else to gather myself.

  19. I walked out of my first viewing due to slow pacing and sloppy narration to bridge gaps in story. I feel people would trash this movie if they didn't succumb to QT hype.

  20. On 2nd viewing, I really came to appreciate Leonardo's performance. He's got some super fine-tuned, thoroughbred-level acting going on in the film. His is is the less dazzling role, compared to Cliff, but by God, this is one of his greatest.

  21. Dakota Fanning was so underrated in the little time she had, her long explanation on why Cliff can’t see George was so intense and her eyes had a really threatening look to them, I was really surprised considering I hadn’t seen her in anything since War Of The Worlds lmao

  22. Totally agree = awesome movie, and even better the second time – hope QT now have edited that blooper in the beginning out = Blue 1973 VW beetle.
    PS the flame thrower is already seen when Cliff, goes into the shed, for his toolbelt.

  23. Can’t wait for the possible Netflix expansion like the hateful eight. Please make it happen, I’m sure Tarantino has a pile of flammable Nitrate film stock laying around for extended scenes, or nazi’s.

  24. I was very impressed with how well-realized the setting and characters were in this movie, but found the plot to be a bit of a drag. Can definitely see this being a movie that needs multiple watches to get into, which is probably not a rarity for Tarantino films. I've never seen any of his movies more than once, though I'm still a huge fan based on fond memories spent with Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, and Inglorious Basterds. Really too bad about Tarantino's former boss being such an ungodly monster of a human being.

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