It’s the opening day of the brand new ride at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway is now open! We got to check out festive right at park opening.

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41 thoughts on “Opening Day Mickey & Minnie's Runaway Railway | Disney's Hollywood Studios

  1. As much time as you, the woo and others spend at Disney stuff, I hope you get a tax break, I love following you guys, even though I worked at Disney land before you were born, I find the parks to expensive for me. also glad you got in there before the lock down. You were correct, the computer mechanics were amazing, like a shuffled deck of cards. will look up Great Movie tide. Hey though, that little black dress at the beginning is one of the cutest outfits I've seen you in and finally where is the fiancé ?

  2. Stay safe Danny make sure you wash your hands wish you and your husband well

  3. Dani you rock as always i will have to apologize for watching you vlog a day late i was just to tired now i want to thank you for taking me on the new ride i will say Disney did an excellent job on it that’s one ride that will never get old also you showed your dedication by getting there so early in the morning that is a sign of a true vlogger and it was nice seeing you hanging with some friends and that good old teddy bear Adam the Woo and with that be good Dani and thanks for another feel good vlog see you on the next vlog adventure

  4. Fun vlog Dani! Glad to hear everyone enjoyed the ride! Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. Really enjoyed the video. It's been 20 years since I've been to Disney World. So much has changed. I need to go back and check things out again.

  6. Thank you Dani for another awesome video! 
    Thank you also for your dedication in getting up so early to to be in WDW before its packed.
    Tell Eddie and Ghost hello.

  7. Great Mickey and Minnies Runaway Railway ride ! Looks likes Dani 702 had a great time!!.

  8. thats pretty cool. watching the video its hard to tell sometimes what parts are animation or physically there.

  9. Oh man that looks awesome. They really did good on it. Really brings back the original Disney characters. Well done Imagineers!

  10. @Dani.702 Did you notice that one of the ride posters in the amusement park area of the ride is called "The Great Moving Ride." What an awesome call back to the previous tenant.

  11. So glad you film these types of Adventures I would never be able to see this in person I really appreciate this thank you

  12. awesome your pov of this event! a wild WOO and Jamie and so many others ! great video, look awesome! love how animated you get on the ride! also like your docs. very different style.. very cool

  13. Dani you never fail to give us spectacular videos appreciate you very much for the videos and the information you give us thanks

  14. That was rad dani thanks for taking us along. Never been to either of the parks so its always awesome when you go. Cheers.

  15. what a fantastic vid !!! ha ha hah I had soooo much fun ! I think this opening was more fun for me than Rise !!! and I loved the group pic with Micah, Jamie, Adam, Jackie and Sam… crap, I'm STILL smiling !!! 🙂


  17. I have been following you for about a year and just realized that I have been watching your videos for a year now. Congrats on the 12K subs, never noticed because you have always stayed so engaged with your fans. We are working on our first 1K so your channel is so inspirational.

  18. Great to be back and watching Dani’s Disney adventure. I love how you keep your excitement with all these videos. You are a great escape from all the negative. I wish We were in Florida right now. Looks so fun. We are huge fan of Mickey Also. This ride looked so fun.

  19. Loved your facial expressions during the ride, looked like a blast, how long was the ride?

  20. How long was this ride? It looks like it takes probably 15 minutes to go thru with all the things to see. Now I really have to take my wife here. Thanks again Dani for the great experience!

  21. Just saw you in Michah's video!Great to see Mickey getting some love with his own ride in the parks! Looks like a cute ride! Great job!

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