Our TMZ tour guide (Van) telling us some interesting facts about Beverly Hills.


6 thoughts on “Our TMZ Hollywood tour bus driving through Beverly Hills

  1. What an annoying guide! I can't imagine two hours with this mush mouth with his inane unfunny factoids. BTW the 500, 600, 700, 800 blocks of Beverly Hills are all the same – known as the flats. North of Sunset Blvd property sizes are generally larger

  2. Hi there. I agree that touring the place on your own would be better on your wallet. However, I can only spend half a day in this area of Hollywood, and 2.5 days total in LA/CA. If I live there, I'd probably follow your advice.

  3. Depending on your point of view the Hollywood bus tours are a waste of money compared to doing it on your own. You stay in the tour bus most of the time and only spend a few minutes at each place. When I can get all the info online and drive/walk around and spend all the time I want at each place for free. It's better to spot celebs actually walking around than on a stupid tour bus. Each time I go I always meet/see a celeb, without paying someone to show me around.

  4. @ferretcrazy1 Hi there. It was good. If you like the tv show, and if you have never been to this part of LA, you will probably like it. Van, our tour guide, was very good. He was very engaging, very nice, and funny. If you watch TMZ, you might see Van occasionally. We did not see any celebrities during the tour though.

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