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There are hundreds of Hollywood movies and tv shows that describe what is happening to the world in 2020. What is going on?

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God Bless you all!!!!

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48 thoughts on “Our World Has Become a Hollywood Movie Production

  1. Why is it when you choose to share it on Facebook to lead them to Christ with our comments it does not use our comments with others to share this video? Not happy about that! My friends shared it and nothing but the Video shows up. Nothing about the Bible and accepting Christ which is why I post stuff!

  2. Don't assume your faith for your children or anyone else, share it. Faith is not by osmosis don't assume others can withstand what you can. Share it and pray. Give them the word as God gives it to you.

  3. Those fowls are flying over, don't let them make a nest. You are helping me and my generations after me, perilous times are here. I am seeing attacks incoming worse than ever. God be with you. I am proud of you.

  4. Don't believe his lies, its only junk mail. You are making a huge impact. Thank you. God Bless You 🙏

  5. Did you guys notice that the female claiming she called for martial law resembled Hillary Clinton? Was that woman in the movie supposed to be the president? If so, then they really did plan that Hillary would be president. But God…..had different plans didn't He? These evil elites will get what they want but they are not going to like it. After God's wrath & hell on earth, they will face hell for eternity.

  6. Thank you. Good work! Keep on fighting the good fight. God bless you as well

  7. If we all shared this video on some of the lost's websites (can check trending as they are so lost and the world is so dark).I'd code them though like ge.orgia gui.destones/ill.uminati etc so evil agenda can't take them down -without getting sucked into it and staying strong in Word and close to Jesus (to be careful we don't lose our prayer time and get lost in it/fall down rabbit hole) we can reach the lost where they spend a lot of time now – online. We need to infiltrate the darkness with the light of God being kind and loving so as not to make them turn away from the truth. 🙏🌏🙏🩸✝️🏃‍♂️🏆🦁

  8. Jehovah god never lies all has and is coming true !
    His son jesus will rapture all believers !

  9. Hand Sanitizers can do more harm then good by killing off the good bacteria…

  10. They tried to contain it…remember they tried to blame it on vaping.

  11. Please make more videos, fantastic I’m gonna, watch them one after the other.Brilliant

  12. bible (among other such books) is the biggest mind programming tools…..created by the same beings you are talking against today. "gods must be crazy"

  13. I find it amazing that this is the first passover were the whole world was in there homes due to lockdown. Just like the Hebrews were in the time of moses. Plus there are biblical plagues all over. River turned blood red in Egypt in march 2020. Plague of locust africa middle east 2020. Earthquakes floods volcanic eruptions all over the place 2020. Beginning of 2020 in the uk were im from massive flooding. Jesus is at the door brothers and sisters. Ive also had 3 rapture dreams one in 2019 and two this year. Be ready the bridegroom is coming love to you all. Peace be with you all. 🙏🤗❤

  14. Great video brother! May God count me worthy to escape those things that are to come. Amen!

  15. It’s crazy but most these movies and tv series are trending on Netflix along with that tiger king series it’s all crazy Good Luck & God Bless Everyone

  16. Thought is energy. Where your focus goes your energy flows. Collective consciousness is very powerful energy. What we send always returns. Buyer beware. Guard your intention and thoughts always. You may get what you want. WWJD? Isaiah 41:10

  17. Where in season 2 does it show going back how people act today, hand washing and gloves and mask. I search episodes and couldnt find where exact is it ?.

  18. Corona is it the perfect distraction from pizzagate or The Franklin Cover Up

  19. PP worship,Obelisk all over the world, Franklin Cover Up ,UNTO THIS DAY

  20. The great falling away just happened.
    When church was empty on Easter Sunday.
    Now Matthew 25 is about to happen.

  21. Time of fulfillment has already begun, as a follower of our Lord Christ Jesus it is plain to see that what's happening in our world is the beginning stages of the devil's plan to enslave all of mankind. It is with out any doubt that we are living in the end of day's and the evil one know's he has but a short season to kill, steal and destroy as many of us as him can. I don't fear the wraith of the devil but what I do fear is the wraith that's coming upon anyone who receives the mark of the beast or worships he's image. What's coming on this planet will be nothing less than Hell on earth. May God Almight have mercy on us all who have kelp the commandments and testimonies of our Heavenly Father.

  22. Christians: Rise up you people of power, pull down the enemies plans. Jesus has already defeated our enemies!
    Ephesians: 6:10 Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of His might. 11. Put on the whole armour of God, that you may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil.
    We serve a MIGHTY GOD. We have the Victory!

  23. Dam what a about the zombie movies ? Going to out some nails in a bat just incase

  24. there's going to be many other viruses after coronavirus. you will hear a loud noise in the sky after which lots of people will die, and an asteroid will hit the Atlantic ocean next to the US. New york will drown, you know deep impact? It's based on Islamic prophecies. Islamic prophecies are never wrong, because they are from God himself, who transmitted them to Muhammad peace be upon him. If you want to be safe after death, then I suggest you follow the last prophet and stop saying God has children.

  25. Come on people this is nothing new. Does no one remember the "black plague" ? Nearly a third of the known world was wiped out. There is always going to be some new virus or "bug" that comes around. It's nature…

  26. So u r saying the movie Contagion 2011 is exactly what's happening now.? Wow how much more dumbed down can we get

  27. How they know ?.Its planamadfic from the DEMONS Expose in Hollywood movies to brain wash us .Keep the great job !! God bless in jesus name !! Amen 🙏


  29. Hollywood is Satan…therefore Satan wants to deceive. We know his end is coming soon (so does he) and he won't quit until he's deceived many more people. Proverb 11:27 – He that diligently seeks good procures favor; but he that seeks mischief, it shall come unto him.

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